Sunday, October 29, 2006


Life continues to decline. Yesterday Mom and Dad went to a bat mitzvah for most of the day and they put me in my crate. When they came home they found me cowering in the corner, shaking and shivering, and all my bedding and the crate tray pushed out the crate. It is hard for me, Axel G Chocholoza, to admit all this to you. I know you all think I'm a very dapper, brave terrier, but being confined in my crate terrifies me. I am used to having the run of my house, not being shut up in a cage. I was not trying to con Mom and Dad, I am truly petrified of being alone in my crate. Below is a picture taken just after I was released from my crate after 6 hours. I managed to push the board and mattress out in my distress...

Anyway, it is too upsetting to talk about it. One nice thing to happen last week was I had a really good haircut. Melissa just graduated grooming school and needed to test her stripping skills. We thought she did a pretty good job! In picture one I am posing; picture two, Dad and I are eating snacks in bed!

Also, today Mom and I went to visit some friends of hers, Evey and Larry. They had an awesome yard which I played in and lots of interesting things to sniff, including 3 cats. Mom has some weird notion that I may be spending a week at their house when her and dad go to Jamaica - ha, that's what she thinks! I ain't missing out on Jamaica. After all, with all this crating and neighbor stress, I truly need a vacation!