Wednesday, February 01, 2006


So I guess everyone is in a tizzy about the Superbowl this Sunday! Our house is not in a football frenzy - though we are in a perpetual Foxie Frenzy..heh heh. I like to keep things exciting! Dad is (Mom says, Thank God) not a great sports enthusiast and Mom being from a Colonialist Empire - is fond of soccer and cricket, and doesn't even understand how football works. To quote her recently, "I just don't see the bloody point of overweight men in shoulderpads, bashing into eachother, running 5 inches and then stopping? I mean what sort of a stupid bloody sport is that? Stop, start. Stop, start. What a complete bore!"

Mom doesn't mince her words you notice. When Dad does watch the odd game, she huffs and puffs that he is hogging the TV, and goes ballistic when the TV says there are 3 minutes left of the 4th quarter but it invariably takes 3 hours for the game to end!

So in my household, noone gives a hoot whether the Steelers or the SeaHawks win on Sunday. Secretly, I don't care either...but I have to pretend to be a SeaHawks fan to stay in Miss Amelia's good books. You see she and her mom Alexandra are natives of Washington State, and therefore huge SeaHawks fans. Nearer to home, my other bitchy pal Daisy, is a big Steelers fan. So you see my dilemma...I have to feign support for both teams, but because I am petrified of Miss Amelia's long nails, I am rooting more for her team! Nothing like the fear of having your eyes ripped out to keep you cheering! So let the battle of the bitches begin! Here are Daisy and Alexandra in their team helmets (looking rather sexy I might add!). Amelia refused to don a helmet lest it mess up her hair.

Now, dear reader, you may ask, "Axel, what is your dream outcome for the Super Bowl? How do you envisage it in your dreams?" Well friends, allow this picture I put together to sum it all up for me:

Now THAT dear friends, is what I call a SUPER BOWL!
Bring it on!