Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fan Mail and New Marriage Trends

Boy, I sure love fan mail. I got this great email from Shona in Canada this morning:

I just wanted to tell you that I just love Axel's blog! I try and read it each morning to give me a pick-me-up. I have had some great laughs at his antics and really see the similarities in my two terrors (oh I mean terriers, hehe). I must admit I have laughed so hard a few times that I had tears in my eyes and many times I phone my husband to share your writing.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know. Keep up the great work :)

Thanks Shona, I will try, it's just getting awfully difficult to compete with the wedding stuff. I think I need to start tunneling under the computer room door. I try to watch that show on Fox about a jail break for ideas - but I think Mom might notice a big hole in the carpet. What do you think? It's not like I can hang our Wire Fox calendar at the bottom of the door like that bloke did in Shawshank Redemption! But I've gotta find someway to get in there during the day! If I could talk I would tell Mother in no uncertain terms that I have a reputation as Blogger Extraordinaire to protect and she is impeding my work!

I never profess to be the only brilliant terrier. I also had an email from Cindy today telling me about her friend's Jack Russel called Thor. Boy, what a clever little gal: "My friend’s dog named Thor (she’s under 12 lbs)dragged her fleecy bed through the doggie door and placed it in the back yard so she could lie in the sun.
When the sun went down she dragged it back in and placed it just so in her pen!"
Who wouldn't want to sunbathe in the sun? My perch gets the sun in the mornings, that's why I like to hang out there too.

I want to introduce two new girlfriends. First there is Darcy (left) who is 4 1/2 months old, owned by Katy. Isn't she a sweetheart? And then there is Bridget, the snow bunny (right). Help, two more cute wiry bitches to smite me (that being the active from "smitten").

Naturalment when I start thinking about bitches, my beloved Miss Amelia appears before me like a godly apparition with talons. She recently sent me a pic of herself all suited out to avoid hyperthermia. With her is her Dad Phillip and brother Beau. Look at her precious expression as she poses on her red carpet, it is as if she is saying, "look at moi, I am queen of the bitches." Doesn't she look fetching in her winter coat? She is like the Imelda Marcus of the Dog World - she has a closet full of apparel.

Leave it to India to start a new trend - human to canine marriages. It wouldn't fly here, we are still coming to terms with same sex marriages. I think Bush would keel over and die (not necessarily a bad thing - ok, ok, I jest!) . He'd have competition from Barney the first dog - I bet Laura would shack up with Barney quicker than you could say "woof." Anyway, the story reads, "A 7-year-old girl wed a stray dog as part of a ritual to ward off the "evil eye'' on her and her family in eastern India, a news agency reported Wednesday. Friends and family participated in three days of traditional ceremonies and festivities that are part of a Santhal tribal marriage, Munda said, according to the report."

Not a bad thing necessarily I suppose. I'm sure the stray dog would agree - I bet my ball-less scrotum the "3 day ritual" included copious amounts of beef curry!