Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fuzzy Wuzzy

So as you can see, I'm a very fuzzy guy. My hair is super long which is just as well 'cos today it turned arctic in Philadelphia and we even got some snow flurries.

Part of the reason my hair is so long is because my groomer hurt her finger so she had to postpone our appointment over 2 weeks ago. I was not upset as I like looking like a scruff-muffin.

But I'm afraid my groomer is all fine now and tomorrow my friends, I get the spa treatment with stripping....Hmmm. I prefer to stay home and snooze on my spot on top of the couch!

So take a good look at me now for tomorrow I will look like a different dog. Here I am ensconced in velvet on my spot. Me and George from Seinfeld love the velvet. I feel pawsitively royal...

So come on back tomorrow night for pics of the new ME...I just hope Dad remembers to tell the groomer not to strip me to the skin cos I don't want to freeze and you know I will NOT wear a coat or sweater!!!

By the way, tune into Animal Planet at 8PM EST Saturday night - they are profiling Wire Fox Terriers on Dogs 101!!