Saturday, June 30, 2007

Two Wires Nearby - You Out There Guys?

I sure hope Miss Amelia doesn't read this. She is my girlfriend of yore even though we've never really met in person - she lives all the way over in Washington state! But I noticed on my last blog entry that I received two messages, one from a sweet wiry gal named Bebe (pictured right) and one from a wiry pup of 5 months named Elliot. AND THEY BOTH LIVE IN PHILADELHIA!

I don't know who is more excited at the prospect of meeting TWO wires in Philly (and Elliot lives really near to us - we are in Fairmount, he is in Manayunk)- me or Mom. Mom has been known to run after people with wires...or even other terriers. Just last Thursday she was driving to work and saw a man with a Irish terrier. She promptly pulled up alongside them, got out of her car and began to chat and pet Bismark who is a handsome 9 year old Irish terrier. His owner was a bit shocked to be harassed by Mom - but Bismark welcomed the attention.

Anyway, so Mom is hoping that both Bebe and Elliot will revisit this blog and hear our plea to contact us so we can meet up or just exchange some information. Elliot's mom wanted to know who I go to for grooming for example. So please contact my Mom so she stops bugging me to write this blog entry. Email mom at editordan2002 at yahoo. By the way, Bebe has a blog - visit it at . In her latest entry she reports that her folks offered a 2 year old rescue wire a forever home with them and the America Fox Terrier Rescue turned them down saying 2 wires in one household is not a good idea. I disagree completely - I know of many households with multiple wires -- Mackie and Finn; Butchy and Snickers; Party and Mango and many others. Yes, sometimes bitches don't do well together, but a dog and bitch or two dogs seem to do just fine. I just pray the 2 year old Bebe talks about wasn't little Oscar the guy I told you about last week. I am sure he would have been very happy to live with Bebe - and I know I would have looked forward to welcoming him to Philadelphia!

Ok, I've done my duty, can I retire to the couch now Mom?

Oh, before I forget, wanted to tell you all to check out Pepper's new blog - it's cute! Boy Mom sure found that little guy a great home!