Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here's Bailey...

So finally I can show you pics of me and my best buddy in the whole wide world - Bailey the Boxer. Mom and Dad always forget to bring the camera when we go out in the mornings to meet Bailey and his Mom Lydia, but luckily Dad's cellphone has a camera on it. The photos aren't as good as a real camera shot, but at least you can finally get to meet my girlfriend Bailey and see what a wild time we have together. (Uh oh, Miss Amelia is going to read this and flip out!)

Our other good pal who usually joins us in the mornings is Elvis, he's a pitbull. I'll get more pics of the three of us soon.

Not much going on here. Mom is working at home today so I had to sneak into the computer room when she was in the bathroom! She's been in there a lot today. She is feeling very nervous because she is appearing in a program tonight at International House that is going to be televised on WYBE. My Mom the TV star! Woohoo! I caught her looking in the mirror this morning reminding herself not to appear in profile on TV 'cos she hates her bumpy nose!

I love having her home with me, but not when she sits upstairs working and barracades me at the bottom of the stairs. I keep crying and crashing against the puppy-gate, but she's ignoring me! Can you believe she keeps yelling, "Pretend I'm at work Axel!"
Yeah right Mom. I may be intelligent, but I'm not that gifted!