Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Wire Wagon

You've all heard of the band wagon - don't ask me what that means - but I'd like you to meet the wire wagon featuring our own sweet recovering Jenny, victim of that mean raccoon who has caused her temporary paralysis. Crystal, Jenny's devoted Mom tells us "Jenny is in her new little red wagon, being towed around the house, wherever I go. I put a big fluffy pillow in there, then her blankie and topped it all off with the required piddle pad. " Just look at the sweetheart, all smiles and wiry bravery pictured left.

I think I'd quite like a wagon for myself for the days I feel very lazy. It would be great to be towed about by Mom and Dad! You just get better soon lassie, and keep up the good work Mom Crystal.

I was delighted to hear from my wiry friends in Singapore again today! You remember Party, Mango and baby Fever, right?
Well Party tells me that I am quote, their "inspiration" as far as blogging goes!
"We had since broken into mummy’s lap top and gotten ourselves a decent place in blogging land!" Their new blog can be seen by clicking here:

The blog is well worth a visit, it's full of funny photos of the wires - check out this one of Mango and Party all dressed up in what they describe as their wedding photo! It's also interesting to see what one of the wires looked like before and after becoming part of their family so full of wiry love.

What a funny pair they are!