Thursday, April 17, 2008

Matzah anyone?

Mom and I are still quite tired from doing our happy dances at the news that little Precious, the Bolting Wire, was found safe and stinky after her 3 day absence. Sounds like her Mom Michelle was drained too, as it took her over a day to report on how Mizz Precious came to be found. Michelle finally explained that a man saw Precious's photo in the local paper and called in his sighting. Then, Precious's Dad rounded up some friends and they went to search that area: "About an hour into the search with the help of binoculars he spotted her in a field behind a factory. He said she ran to him as he ran to her. He then called me at work and said MICHELLE I HAVE OUR LITTLE GIRL IN MY ARMS. At that point I think everyone in the factory could hear me hoot and holler that WE FOUND OUR DOG." That is Precious, top left, relaxing after a trip to the vet to make sure she was A-OK. PHEW!!! Don't scare us again Precious, please!

As some of you may know, Saturday is the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover. Mom tried to explain what it was about...something about the Jews being slaves in Egypt and escaping into the dessert for quite a time. They didn't have time to prepare meals, so they left with unleaven bread and due to these poor time management skills, Jews forever after are forced to eat a cardboard-like substance called Matzah. Mom says it has interesting effects on poopies.

Before the festival begins (it lasts 8 days), you have to clear your house of all "chametz" - these are foods that contain yeast, but lately, again says Mom, rabbis have taken this to ridiculous lengths by banning everything and anything that does not get their seal of Kosher for Passover approval. In some super religious homes, even the dog food has to be Kosher for Passover because humans can't be anywhere near Chametz. Mom grew up in a Kosher home, and grandma there still cleans and changes all her cutlery and crockery to passover wares. Mom sort of ignores all this craziness - her token act to ready for Passover has been to buy a single box of matzah. She is still debating whether or not she will desist from eating bread for 8 days...I enjoy toast and I know which way I'm leaning!!

I leave you today with a recent photo of me and my dear pal Elvis. Here we are, hanging out on my couch.