Monday, October 10, 2005

I am the Devil Dog

Sometimes I can be pretty evil. I can't help it. When I get excited my teeth seem to vibrate and I have to sink them into something. It's not my fault that God made human flesh so delightful to chew on. Nor is it my fault that Mom has this rich red hair that just hypnotises me and forces me to attack and pull it. I read somewhere that in some parts of rural Africa all red heads are considered witches -- heh heh, Mom, are you a witch?? So what I'm trying to say is...I am just behaving like an automaton...I have no control over my actions, they are completely involuntary.

And at least I'm not stupid enough to chew and swallow a duck! I read this morning that a Swedish Boxer swallowed a rubber duck (below) FIVE years ago: Apollo's owner thought the duck had dissolved over the years, as he didn't seem to be suffering any ill effects from swallowing the inedible snack.

But five years later he started being sick and refused to drink water, so his owner rushed him to the vet. An operation to remove the rubber duck, which had gone black and rock hard over half a decade, was a success.
Is that gross or what?

Well, just my luck, it didn't pour yesterday, so Mom and Dad left me and went to the Terrier Show at Montgomery Community College. They came home and told me all about it. How they saw lots of smart-looking wires and smoothies, and lots of other dogs like Scotties, Welshes, Airdales, Skyes, Westies and a few Shnauzers. But what really pissed me off was seeing their muddy sneakers and hearing about how swampy the grounds were. To think that I was deprived of the glee and fun of cavorting around in that delicious mud just gets me very depressed. Plus, can you believe this, they didn't bring me a single gift from the show! I know there were doggie stores there, I'm not stupid. And I know they stopped at McDonalds on the way home for burgers and fries, and they didn't save me a single fry! Whoever said, "ah, the life of a dog," didn't know what the heck they were talking about!!!

Anyway, I sat through Mom's gallery of photos from the show and tried to feign interest. I have to admit this little ginger bitch in the front of this picture, stirred my testosterone levels! Boy is she a cute one! Had I been there, I may have just jumped the fence and planted a lick on those luscious lips...hmmm

Mom also met another friend from the Fox Terrier Network email list - Kathy, mom of Lucy (see below), who you saw dressed up as Mark Spitz on my earlier blog posting. I wanted to meet Kathy too, and Mom says maybe one day soon she will take me to meet her and Lucy the wire!!

Mom and Dad also ran into Bob my breeder, and he offered them a 3 year old bitch wire, my great aunt, as she just had a litter and is now ready to rest and enjoy a good solid home life. I'm not sure I'd like a big sister, I'll have to mull that one over...and frankly, between you and me reader, I don't think Mom and Dad could cope with another wire, I am enough of a handful for them!