Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A New Wiry Activist is Born

Well, Operation Holiday Cheer is underway with my wiry pals (with the help of their parents) all over the country and beyond going out and buying some holiday gifts to send to the foster Wires in Montreal. Noone can ever accuse us foxies of being devoid of holiday spirit! If you would like to participate in Operation Holiday Cheer, please join us! Our wonderful friend Christine in Montreal has generously agreed to gather and distribute the gifts!

To avoid incurring custom duties etc, please make sure you do the following:
1. Mark it as a GIFT with a low value e.g. $10 (Any value above $40 incurs customs)
2. Make sure that you put the recipient phone number on the package. Christine's number is 514-680-8487
3. Remove all price tags!

Christine's Mailing Address is:
Christine Downs
1745 Cedar Ave.,
#303Montreal, QC
H3G 1A7

Remember a while ago I said I wanted to become a philanthropist - well, until I make my million, I've decided to be an animal rights activist instead. I am shocked to see that there are so many of my species in dire need. This horror story out of Montreal, unfortunately, seems to be the very tip of the iceberg. Because I am a fox terrier, for now I think I will focus on helping my breed, otherwise I might just go nuts with despair!

Speaking of despair, another email rolled into my inbox today about 5 WFTs recently rescued from a Missouri puppy mill. The 5 include 3 females - each of which are missing a leg, a male missing part of his upper lip, and another female in fair shape. Those special human beings, the Fox Terrier Rescue volunteers are trying to do everything they can to help these poor souls. I decided to post a few pictures of the dogs eventhough they are very disturbing and will probably make you cry. I think its important to see them to realize the tremendous medical help these dogs need:

If you can help, no amount of money is too little, please send your donation to:

Fox Terrier Rescue
c/o Lee Eckholm
AFTR Treasurer
430 East Grant Street
Appleton, WI 54911
Please state that the money is for the care of the Midwest Puppy Mill dogs, and Lee will send you a receipt for your donation. Thank you!

My dear readers, please remember to tell your friends not to support pet stores that sell puppies as these puppies come from puppy mills like this one in Missouri.

I dont always want to be the harbiger of sad news, so let's shift focus now to funnier, happier matters! To get us all in the mood - I know, it's hard to cheer up after seeing those awful photos...but look at this photo sent to me by my Golden Retriever friend Noonie in Israel:

Heh heh! Just look at that loser dog giving up his bed to a cat no less! I don't mean to be rude, but who do you reckon is the pussy in this picture? (Disgrace to embarrass our species like that Dog!).

I received an anxious letter from Crystal, asking me whether I think Santa will forgive her for her mischievious terrier shananigans over the last other words, do I think she'll still get holiday gifts if she's been a bad girl?

Well do recall that I am a Jewish dog - so I don't really believe in that hairy old man in the red suit...but that look at this beautiful photo of you, and I'm pretty sure Santa will let bygones be bygones. My guess is you'll find a stocking full of toys and tasty treats. We are who we are...our mischief is in our genes and there is not a darn thing we can do about it! So never apologize for it...our naughty, playful natures are what make us lovable and unique! Now go wreak some havoc!
Ho! Ho! Ho!