Monday, April 02, 2007

Dalton's Birthday Party

Yesterday all my pals gathered at Fairmount Park to celebrate our friend Dalton's birthday. Dalton is a very hadsome English Setter of champion stock (Geez, hope I got the breed right). What a rollicking good time was had by all!

Here is Dalton with him Mommy Barb:

Dalton was very keen to eat his special birthday cake - and who wouldn't be, it looked delish.

Dalton nearly lost his cake in one BIG gulp, when Gracie tried to make a grab for it! That Gracie - ain't she something! Check out my Dad (right) laughing his head off!

Speaking of Gracie, as you all know by now, she is my bestest friend in the neighborhood. Yesterday I heard that her Mom finally sold her house and they will be moving away in May to some place called Massachewsetts. (I hope for Gracie's sake that means it is full of things to chew!). I am very sad to think of Gracie a million miles away, but Mom and Dad promised that we would make a trip up there to visit over the summer. Gracie is very lucky, she is going to have 2 acres to play on and live in the countryside. Gracie is also getting a new brother today - a Bermese Mountain Dog!

Anyway, so back to the party!

There were lots of snacks about, and you all know how much I love snacks! Here I am straining to get into the pretzel jar:

Alas, I didn't get very far, but throughout the party I did get plenty of snacks including birthday cake and cookies in a treat bag! I buried a few of them in the wood chips but when I went to retrieve them, they were GONE! Dad is always telling me how silly I am to bury treats when my pals are in the vicinity. Oh well.

Here are some photos of my friends:

Me and Gracie (poor Gracie had to wear a silly party hat. I would have none of it!) Gracie was chewing her chew from her treat bag and unwilling to share:

This is the newest friend in our neighborhood and it was hard to take a photo of him because he was so well camoflaged by the wood chips. His name is Basil and he's a puppy Cairn terrier:

Here I am (notice my party bandana) with Pippin the black and white dog, and Rocket the lab:

And finally - me with my buds (from left) Lilo, Dalton and Maggie. I love Maggie, she likes to run at top speed and I chase her! There has to be some Greyhound in her somewhere!

After two hours with my pals, we came home and I collapsed with exhaustion from all the running, playing and excitement! I hope come May that I too will have a party in the park!