Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mom Goes on a Tirade

As you can see, I have been very busy having heartfelt conversations with God asking him to please look after my pal Jackson who underwent very serious surgery on Tuesday. So far he is doing pretty good and with continued prayers, he will be home Friday in time for his 9th barkday. All of his pals have been pulling for him and his parents - and we like to think it has made a difference and that Jackson can somehow feel our love and support.

While Jackson was in surgery, I was at the Groomer having my coat stripped cos I was one shaggy puppy! As usual, they did a good job except for the two bald spots on my back. When questioned by Mom, the "stripper" (she had her clothes on) explained she'd "over-pulled" and apologized. So now Mom gives me a bit of a "comb-over" like I'm a bald little man. That is a picture of me (right) after my haircut.

Speaking of bald men, Mom asks Dad every night as they watch NBC coverage of the Olympics (personally I find the Pawlimpics far more exciting - eventhough Mom failed to enter me!!) whether host Bob Costas is wearing a wig. Dad says No. Mom says Yes! What do you think? I have it on good authority that Mom is right on this one!

I find the Olympics a bit of a snore. Besides, I'm boycotting. Call me unforgiving but I will never forgive host China for clubbing 50,000 innocent dogs to death in October 2006. Maybe some have forgotten, I will never forget or forgive no matter what bogus reason they gave at the time - rabies fears etc. They are also the worst environmental polluters and their human rights record is well, how should I put it. Abyssmal. Not to mention their trafficking in children. But hey, it's the Olympics...put on a smile, spend billions on opening ceremonies, and countries of the world unite, forget war and hatred, and let's compete in the all-important sports of pistol-shooting, beach volleyball, BMX racing and Badmington.

Speaking of Badminton - Mom is totally confused for a change. All her life, she's been calling that "sport" badmington and this week she discovers its called Badminton (pronouced Bad Mitten - as opposed to Good Glove?). Poor Mom.

Oh, and she went ballistic today when she heard two Olympic updates on NPR and NBC that said, and I quote here, "Michael Phelps is the WINNINGEST athlete in US History." Well you should have heard her..."America is massacring the English language again! Winningest...are you kidding me? What kind of stupid American concoction is that??!!" and on and on she went, until Dad shut her up by going to and lo and behold, there was the word. It exists. Mom says she doesn't care if it is etched in gold on the Rosetta Stone. It is NOT a word. Ok Mom, take a chill pill...sit and stay.

Oh I do love my Mom - she cracks me up when she gets on her soapbox - she has a terrier spirit just like me. That's me and her before my haircut.

Got to go watch Project Runway now...I have a great sense for Fashion. Funny isn't it from a guy who hates wearing clothes... Then it's off to bed, I'm zonked as Aunty Lynne took me on a 6 mile hike this evening. What a treat!


PS Happy birthday to my darling Daddy for yesterday. He is about 6 years-old in dog years.
PPS Thanks to Asta in NY for giving me an award for being "a vewy cawing , kind doggie" I'd like to pass it on to Scruffy, Lacey and Stan.