Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Worst Fear Realized

Remember friends when I wrote and told you that Mom was now a senior writer for The Swanky Pup Web site? Remember I told you I was excited that we'd be getting samples of doggie products to test? And how it occured to me suddenly, that we might get clothing to try out and how this made me feel sick with angst? You see, I hate wearing any clothing - from booties to sweaters in winter to raincoats. It can be zero degrees and a blizzard outside but I will NOT agree to wear a coat! I feign paralysis and refuse to move. If I get dragged out the door, I will walk very reluctantly but weild ultimate power in refusing to pee or poop while clothed - which infuriates the parents.

So it was all going well, enjoyed a few toys, books etc. Until today, when a large package arrived! Mom was her usual excited self explaining to me how I would LOVE this new product as it was connected with swimming!

Out came a doggie LIFE JACKET made by Paws Aboard! Now I love to swim as you all know, but I'm a darn good swimmer, I don't need any help thank you very much! But Mom said she wanted me to model it for her and she relentlessly pursued me until she had me cornered in the kitchen! Here dear friends, is the sorry result:

I stood dead still and would not move until she took the floatation device off! I have to admit, it fit very snug and has a very pretty pattern, and very secure velcro and buckle closings - no doubt an excellent product for poor doggie swimmers...but I prefer to swim in my birthday suit!