Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kosher Dog (And I don't mean a Nathan's)

Boy life is good! I got so many emails from my fans welcoming me back and also telling me how pretty my grandma is. Thanks everyone!

So I've told you before that I am a Jewish dog - thank G-d I never had to get a bris - and a couple of weeks ago I met my Mom's cousins who live in Havertown. We went for shabbat (sabbath) dinner and to celebrate Dad's 40th birthday. I thought the pictures were pretty cool!

That's Mom, Dad and Me! And a very delish looking chocolate cake!!

Check out my and Dad's matching yarmulkes (skullcap) . I think I need a smaller size though.

And you thought my parents were pretty obsessed with me? Well, remember my pal Colby in Canada who was sent away to a luxury kennel while his parents went on a cruise? His parents missed him so much, they made a pretend towel Colby on their ship to lessen THEIR separation anxiety!

The lesson dear friends is take your pets with on cruises! (Although it must be said that Colby had a brilliant time at his vacation getaway as you can see below - image captured via webcam!)

Meantime, I had to catch up on what my friends have been up to over the last 2 weeks:

Dylan and Libby went swimming - man, I wish I was there beside them!

Tilly went on show which she found to be quite a yawn! I wouldn't want to be on show either, even if I looked as good as she does! I doubt I'd get very far with my crooked tail!

And my pal in NYC, Jeeves, just keeps on grinning!

Speaking of grinning, I hope to hear good news from as the name of the October Dog of the Month should be announced shortly. Thanks to everyone who voted...if I lose to that stupid beer drinking chihuahua, I will dig a big hole and lie in it for a week! If you haven't voted, it's not to late, just click to

It's sure gotten chilly here in Philly. Chilly in Philly, haha, I'm a poet. Mom is getting less and less keen to get up at the crack of dawn to take me out for a pee and poop....she grumbles and moans and yawns. I get the point Mom, but until you invent a better option, you'll have to grin and bear it!