Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prayers for Grandpa

I haven't blogged for a while because my paws are being used for more important purposes - that of holding them together in prayer for my dear Grandpa - Mom's Dad who is very ill. He is 85 years old and last Thursday underwent triple bypass and valve replacement surgery. This is horrendous surgery at any age, but can you imagine at the age of 85 what a shock it must be to his body?

Mom tells me lots of stories about Grandpa and what a strong man he is mentally and physically even at his age. Grandpa is really responsible for my existence because it was he who fell for the wire fox terrier breed years ago and insisted on buying Mom her first wire when she was 12 and wanted a maltese poodle instead!

I miss Mom very much, she flew to South Africa to be with her family last Monday, 5 hours after getting the call that her Dad was so sick. I'm not sure when she will be back, but we are hoping this weekend or early next week. Mom doesn't want to leave until her Dad is conscious and on the road to recovery. Right now he is still ventilated and stable...

Please join me in praying for Grandpa's complete and rapid recovery!