Monday, August 14, 2006

Confessions of a Wiry Character

I found messages from my friends Mackie and Fever telling me I've been tagged! I thought maybe it was some new form of long distance online microchipping...but it seems it's some new fun game!

So when someone tags you, you have make embarrassing confessions and tell everyone five weird things you've done/five weird habits of yours. Only five?

So here are my confessions:

1. My bones always taste more delicious if I can eat them sitting on Mom's lap, preferably while she is dressed in clean that's how I like to eat them. If she is lying in bed, I also like to drop the bone on her head to get her attention, or if I'm not ready to eat said bone, I will bury it in her back while she sleeps or under Dad's pillow (while he is trying to sleep on it).

2. When I eat my dinner, I walk in circles around my bowl. I take one mouthful, then walk in a circle chewing it, and then go back to my bowl. I think it I may have the beginnings of obsessive compulsive disorder

3. I love to bark. I bark therefore I am. I bark at sounds, I bark at silence. I love the sound of my own voice. As a result, my parents put on my bark collar way too often, sometimes most of the day and night. But that doesn't always stop me. I bark once, get shocked and then run to Mom for cuddles and comfort, and then invariably, she takes off the collar cos she feels so bad for me!

4. When Mom gives me Milkbones in the park, I don't like to eat in front of the other dogs, so I usually bury it in the grass. Mom says it's a very silly thing to do, to bury a bone in a dog park surrounded by hungry dogs with good sniffers! 99% of the time when I go to get my treat it is long gone! I don't understand it...

5. When I go to Gracie to play or she comes to me, I like standing on the couch and dive bombing her! Boy it's fun and it makes up for our size difference!

Boy, that was quite fun, eventhough you now know my secrets!


PS Happy to report that Tilly is starting to recover and will be going home on Thursday!

PPS George is so close to victory he can smell it. The contest closes tomorrow, so please be sure to VOTE two more times so that we can secure a VICTORY!