Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wonderful Wiry Families

I won't lie. I like being an only child. I wouldn't like to share my toys and bones with a sibling 24/7. But I would like to have a playmate for the long hours that I am alone during the day when Mom and Dad are at work. Someone fun like Gracie! So this got me thinking, are there many multiple wire families out there? We all start off as part of a wiry family, but invariably when we are about 12 weeks old we join our new forever families. But some wires are really lucky, they get to live with other Wires their whole lives and sometimes even other dogs too!

Meet proud parents Daphne and Ares - they just gave birth to a litter of 5 pups - 4 bitches and a dog. They live in Fredericksburg, Virginia with their Mom Kellie, and another wiry bitch Phoebe (Daphne's sister) and an Airdale Zeuss! How lucky can you get? When I saw these beautiful photos of the little wire family, I felt a sudden longing for my own wiry parents Daddy Walter and Mommy Pompi, and siblings...

Scarlet the Wire also recently had a litter of little Wires in Winnipeg, Canada. Just look at these paragons of Wiry Magnificence!

Then far away in Singapore, live another family - Party and Mango (parents) and daughter Fever. They don't actually live together full time, but they see each other very often! All three wires are a hoot and love to dress up and model different outlandish costumes. Pictured below are (left) Fever, Party and Mango.

Then in Washington State live Mom and daughter Alexandra and Miss Amelia. Like many mothers and daughters, they don't get on too well and have to be separated 24/7 - a lot of work for their poor human Dad. In Southern Arizona live Ciara and Simon (below) and somewhere out there, I"m not sure where - live a heap of Wires who like sleeping on the couch!

And then there is the BIG Terrier Family known as the Terrierfirma Trio. That's Libby Longtail, Bamboozle, and Airedale Linus. They also had a Scottie sister, Matilda, but she crossed the Bridge recently. Their Mom Jill writes, "They are a fun trio, and always make us humans smile - except when Bamboozle poops on the floor! (To which he retorts: "Hey! I'm 15 1/2, for pete's sake! My control ain't what it used to be!")

If there are any other multi-wire families, drop me a line and send me a photo! You can never have too many Wires in my unbiased opinion....We bring joy. We bring laughter. We bring mischief. In short, we are quite SPECIAL.


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