Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Coat

As you all know, because I keep telling you, I do not like to wear clothes or costumes. I like to go kaalgat as we say in South African language Afrikaans which means, basically, naked. I don't know why humans think we need winter coats when it turns cold out...what do you think our fur is for people??? Thousands of years ago before we were domesticated, do you think the cavemen would knit us coats? Oh please!

But no, humans think just because they need loads of layers to keep out the freezing temps, so do we. Well, listen up. We do not. At least I do not.

Unfortunately, I cannot speak - so when Mom triumphantly came home with a box and said it was for me, and produced a bright orange and silver dog coat - I thought, oh crikey, not a frigging coat again. I had been so happy to see her mail Gus my winter coat from last year - I thought that was it for me and coats. Mom had finally understood my body language...but no such luck.

I didn't even try to feign happiness when she called me over to put it on. I just stood there and let her. So here I am, in all my my new Landsend coat, or squall as they call it (it is waterproof on the outside and lined with flannel):

What do you think? The only positive thing I will say, is that it is less restrictive then my last coat which ran all the way to my pee-pee and I didn't like that cos it made me nervy to pee in it!

We didn't make it to Gracie this weekend, but we will be going this coming weekend. I can't wait. Hopefully I can leave the coat at home...but Mother keeps yakking to me how cold it is in Massachewsits and yadda yadda, you need your coat!!