Friday, January 20, 2006

Oops, I did it again!

I peed...
On Mom and Dad's bed...
I am a canine non grata...again.

I didn't mean to, I was just so excited because Mom and Dad let me hang out with them while they were surfing online for wedding wear for the men, and then Dad gave in to my demand for a dingo chew (my second today) after I clawed at the treat cupboard...and then I ran upstairs to show Mom (who chastised Dad...) and then dived onto the bed to enjoy my treat...and then...uh oh...I peed! Eek.

Dad is very mad. Mom always tries to look mad, but I can tell she is amused, especially when Dad says stuff like, "I'll sleep on the couch" which Mom responds, "oh please, it's only pee!" Anyway, they sprayed it with that yucky smelling Nature's Miracle, then used a puppy pad to absorb the moisture and then began to blow dry the mattress. Humans are so funny! I still have my dingo, albeit that I have to eat it downstairs...oh well. I can cope!

When Mom came home from work she took me to Lincoln Memorial Park. On the way we met up with Gracie and Keila (and their foster sister Mama who their Mom Diane found abandoned by the road - they need a home for her - poor gal is blind as a bat). At the park, I played with many different dogs - a doberman, a Jack Russel and a teensy Puggle puppy only 8 weeks old. I don't dig these new fangled chic breeds - and in my opinion, they aren't half as cute as we Wires are!

Read a weird story in the paper today entitled, "Man dies after dog crashes into car". It goes on to say that, "An 81-year-old Livonia man died Thursday morning, five days after a black Labrador fell from the Schoolcraft overpass at I-96 west, crashing through his car windshield..." When I first read that I thought, wow, maybe it had been raining cats and dogs and the lab fell from the heavens? Or I wondered, had the lab taken his owner's car for a spin - the title was misleading! But it seems noone knows how he fell onto the highway. What a way to go - for the dog and the man.

I am very impressed with the sentiments of the deceased man's family - what good people. They stated in the article:
"We've been in contact with the people who own the dog, and we feel comfortable that it is accurate the dog got loose and the dog just ran wild and did something very unusual. I feel for the people because I know how much they're hurting, and we hold no grudges. ... I'm an animal lover, like my dad is, so I feel for them."

On that note, I must get back to the couch before Dad gets out the shower and finds me upstairs again! Mom rented "My Life as a Dog" (also known as "Mitt liv som hund " - I like that!) from Netflix -- I wonder if its about ME!!! Why was I not told? Where are my royalties!!!?