Friday, October 28, 2005

Out Darn Sock!

Good news! Remember my silly friend Mackie swallowed a sock over a week ago? Well, this email arrived last night from his mom Melissa:

"Weeks after my Mackie ate the infamous nylon sock, hefinally vomited it up. I was waiting patiently for himto pass it, but it came up the other way. I can't tell you how heavy the darn thing was..."
Heavy? And I bet really really smelly! Yuck! I hope you learnt your lesson Mackie - no more socks pal, ok?

Well, I WAS feeling so crummy over my pathetic haircut until a dear friend (who's identity I will keep anonymous out of respect for his dignity) sent me this picture of himself and his really bad haircut. Poor dude, that is a bit too close to poodlish for comfort! No Wire should ever suffer such poor grooming - though I do understand that this haircut was required due to some medical problem on the dude's legs. Hopefully he's recovered fully and looking like the handsome wire I see lurking beneath that haircut!

I tell you, some Wires really live the good life. I mean I'm not saying I don't, but my pal Tilly in the UK goes on vacation more often than I poop, and that's OFTEN. Check out these pics of her having a frolicking good time on her latest holiday. The first pic is of her climbing a cairn, and in the second she's just chilling with her Dad:

Tilly's climbing adventure reminds me of an astounding story I read in the English press this morning. It seems a dog has escaped death and was left unscathed after falling 100 feet over a cliff on the Dorset coastline. "Three-year-old black Labrador Bracken was walking with its owner and her daughter, when he slipped and fell off a ledge at Peveril Point, near Swanage."
Not only did he survive, he was unscathed! Just shows what strong stuff we canines are made of!

Nothing very new to report in my life, except that sadly my petsitter Rose resigned yesterday as she needed to get a full-time job. I will miss you Rose - let's stay in touch! Poor Rose was blubbering when she left me yesterday. She must really love me. What's not to love?