Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bad Dog and Bad Table

Hey, I'm back! Did you miss me?

I am not appreciating the fact that I'm getting a little less attention from my adoring parents as we get closer to the wedding. Mom seems busy busy busy with that and work, and Dad is working very hard, so between the two of them, they come home looking like they both just ran a marathon. Exhausted. Mom still takes me for my evening walk, but I sense that she is not that into it. In response, I suppose you could say I've been acting up. Being bad. For example, I chewed Mom's work ID card for the heck of it. When we go for walks, I admit I'm a rascal to Mom, I pull her around, drag her to places she is not keen on going etc... I'm over 22 lbs now so I often get the better of my teensy little Mom. Of course Dad takes none of my crap.

Two days ago, Mom took me to the dogrun. I know she reckons it requires less energy of her - I run around and play and she can just stand there and look on. But I think I showed her that her reasoning is not too intelligent. That evening, there were like 15 dogs in the run, and it was a total blast. I get very hyped up when there are lots of dogs to play with. The weather was freezing and I could tell that after 20 minutes, Mom was dreaming of being at home in her tub. She tried to call me to come, but I ignored her. No way was I ready to go home. Then she shrieked at me. Then she tried to elicit help from the other dog owners to catch me (not a very friendly bunch, sorry Mom). I don't know how she finally got me, but even when she did, her fingers were so cold, she could barely attach my lead to the collar. Just before I left, a cute Boston Terrier bitch exited the park, so I tried my damnest to catch her on our way out. We had to go down an incline to get to the car, and I was pulling so hard that Mom almost lost her footing and went careening down the hill almost colliding at the bottom with a huge Burmese Mountain Dog. If you have to careen into anything, a Burmese is as good a soft landing as you could wish for!

Mom yelled at me all the way home. She even used curse words and asked me what had every possessed her to get a Wire Terrier. Don't ask me Mom!

Anyway, I have the cutest little bitch to introduce you to. Her name is Sadie, she is almost 5 months old and lives in McKinney, Texas. She has a cute human sister Naomi! Just look at the two of them!

I hate to admit it, but I peed on Mom and Dad's bed again 2 nights ago. It was really just a little pee, no waterfall or anything. It only permeated one layer of bedding. And seriously, it was Mom's fault! She got me all worked up and crazed doing her Robot impersonation. It totally freaks me out to see her acting so strange, sort of like a hybrid zombie/robot - I go beserk, run around, bark and really have a lot of fun. So after teasing me for 20 minutes, we went upstairs and I was so overexcited, I just felt the pee a-coming. Eek. Mom and Dad had a titty-fit - and I hid under the bed until they calmed down. In Dad's defense, he did tell Mom it was HER fault. Heh heh. Love you Dad!

Finally, thanks to Christine and Dean-O in Canada for showing me this odd piece of furniture manufactured by a Vancouver company. The piece is called a "Bad Table" - I'll leave it to you to figure out why.