Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Preparing for the Big Party

So I am very excited to be going to the big Mega Barkday Party being held in honor of Koobuss, Amber-Mae, Lorenza, Lola, Dewey and Precious. I haven't even met half these guys, but I love making new friends!

So Scruffy and Lacie asked if I was bringing cheesesteaks. Hmm, Dad and me like them - but Dad eats them plain, I like all the toppings. Mom can't even look at a cheesesteak. She must be nuts...I mean would you turn away from one? And cheese fried, hmmmmm!

I don't turn away from any food except these potato chips Mom brought from South Africa called Tomato Fritos. You get Fritos here, but not the yukky tomato flavor! Anyway, other than tomato fritos, I love South African food, and I'm bringing some to the pawty! I am bringing boerewors - that is delicious beef sausage that you put on the braai (BBQ) and then slip between a fresh footlong bun. Yum. They aren't much to look at...Mom said they look a bit like something I'd poop out (gross Mom), but I can tell you, they are delicious. Or as they say in South Africa - baie lekker!

Mom also insists that I take a bottle of her favorite spread - Marmite! Dad won't go near the stuff and from informal testing, Mom says she has yet to find any American who likes the stuff. But Mom grew up eating it and can eat it ten times a day on toast or cheddar cheese. I like it too. So I will pack a jar just in case we sleep over and need breakfast fare.

So the party is October 27 and it's in Massachewsits - I wonder if it is anywhere near where my old girlfriend Gracie lives? I think I'll invite her too! I'm planning on hitching a ride with Koobus in her cute red convertible... I'll probably fall asleep, driving makes me sleepy.

Dad left town today for a few days on a job...boy will I miss him. Hopefully he will keep in touch by reading my blog every day. I miss you Dad!