Friday, December 26, 2008

Boo Blogs...well, sort of.

Hi, my name is Boomer. Axel told me about his blog and he said I could give it a try. So I'm with Ron, Dani and Ax for a while and it's been fun. Oh hang on, what's that I hear? Gotta go check it out, be back soon....ok, I'm back. It was Axel biting his bum. So where was I? Yeah, so I came to Philly from NY via North Carolina, it's all a bit confusing. What was that? I smell something weird...hang on...gotta go check. Ok, I'm back, it was the Hanukkah candles dying out. So I really like Axel, I especially enjoy dive bombing him and jumping on his back. Uh oh, something moved downstairs, be right back. Oh, it was Ron, he's putting the trash outside....


Ok everyone, it's me Ax. Clearly Boo's ADHD is too profound to render him a competant blogger. The bloke can't sit still for 2 minutes. So I told him I heard a mouse and off he went. Heh heh. These pups are so easy to trick - Boo is especially niave!

Let me tell you, this guy never lets me rest. It's a tad irritating sometimes, but I just have to give him a look or bare my teeth and he gets the message.

Yesterday he very skillfully jumped up on a shelf and grabbed a whole bag of treats while the people were sleeping late. He then brought the bag to me and we enjoyed the spoils. So I really do like having him around. He thinks of crazy shit that doesn't even cross my mind and he can jump real high - just like Pacco de Mongrel!

Boo is very agile, he can get into tight spots becos he is so skinny (he'll never qualify for the Substantial Wires Club!) - so is very good at retrieving Snax that roll under furniture. He has also proven to be quite a barker - and he doesn't even need me to set him off! And like all us wires, he likes to walk and sleep atop our furniture.

Looks like he will be leaving us next weekend, and I will miss the little fella. He is a sweet soul who though a tad cuckoo, will grow into a very wonderful companion and best friend to the lucky family he adopts.

Besides, he does slow down sometimes, and when he does, he looks like the most angelic, adorable creature on earth:

Enjoy your weekend! Mom keeps telling me that the Crocodile is arriving tomorrow. Huh? Sounds kinda scary, but she told me that she will be bringing me treats, so I guess it must be a benevolent such reptiles exist?