Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Amazing Grace

So remember I told you about my new girlfriend Gracie, the Anatolian Shephard? I finally remembered to take my camera along to the park this morning, so I hereby present my new little bitchy pal:

She is so cute, but she doesn't like to rough-house as much as the rest of us. We are all very aware that we need to stay on her good side, 'cos one day soon, she will be 110 pounds, and the biggest bitch on the block!

Dad is really sick...eventhough he's at home, I haven't seen him much, he's been sitting on that white porcelain water bowl all day. He is not being very cheerful or playful, but I tried to keep him company and give him a few grins to lift his spirits. Mom on the other hand, is in a very good mood because she heard that many members of her immediate family and cousins are making the trek to her wedding from South Africa, Australia and London. So soon I get to meet all Mom's family - who admittedly, are very keen to see me. They have a special place in their hearts for Wire Foxies like me. Seems my predecessor Georgie made a very positive impression.

I have a new wiry friend to introduce to you. Her name is Derby - her full name makes me giggle, it's Demolition Derby - what a perfect name for a Wire! She lives with her Mom Sue in Snow Hill, Md. (the Eastern Shore near Ocean City) with her two great dane sisters, Dana and Sammi. Looks to me like she enjoys a good belly rub!

I am pretty excited, it looks like this weekend I may get to meet my e-buddy Luci who lives in Landsdale, PA with her Mom Kathy and Dad Ed. She tells me she has a big yard and a pool - I can't wait to see it. I may just have to test the pool out eventhough it's still winter...I can never resist a good plunge!

Gotta run, I see Dad putting on his shoes. That can only mean one thing...WALKIES!