Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring has Sprung!

Nothing like being cooped up all day in the house while Mom and Dad are at work, on a beautiful spring day, to get me worked up! I want to be free and outside, running in the park, playing with my pals. I mean I like sleeping. I like sitting in the window. But when the weather is beautiful I sure wish Mom and Dad didn't have to work!

Mom came home from New York late Tuesday, I was pretty happy to see her, but the smell of MacDonald's fries in her purse distracted me from showing my real glee in having her home again. She bought them home for me!! We ate them outside in our little yard amongst the daffodils which are remarkedly still alive. We then bonded over a brilliant walk in the park, off leash. We ran and played. The only downer with the nice weather is that everyone and his uncle comes to the park and they make a lot of mess (I don't mind the leftovers though) and so much noise. Yesterday afternoon two guys were sitting and playing the drums...Mom loved it, it reminds her of home, that African beat...but it gave me a headache!

Yesterday Mom and I went out for over an hour! I played with a new dog friend called Dakota, a ridgeback obsessed with his slobbery ball (which I stole a few times so he'd chase me) and LeeLo, the fox-like dog. It was such a riot!

Mom keeps telling me about her shower that was last Sunday and how many gift boxes will be coming home this weekend (she couldn't take them to NY with her!) and for me to "keep that long snout of yours out of mischief and away from the gifts!" I don't understand why Mom would ever take a shower in public and then get gifts for her performance? But I'm a dog, I don't pretend to understand human idiocyncracies!

Two of my girlfriends have been acting strangely. My dear Miss Amelia has taken to wearing a bonnet - she looks so much like Laura Ingells in that get up, that it is quite eerie!

And then, Asta Blu has gone quite bonkers with helping her Mom with her spring cleaning. She got so carried away with her green feather duster, that her bed looks like it was attacked by a big green bird!

I'm not personally into cleaning, I'm more into causing havoc, mayhem and much mess! Heh heh.


PS That blasted neighbor Rex complained to Dad that I bark all day, so looks like I will be wearing that evil collar during the day when Mom and Dad are at work. HELP!
I think he is being silly. Just 2 days ago, burglars tried to break in to the house across from ours, through their FRONT window which I can see perfectly from my perch! I saw the whole thing and barked my head off, and they ran away (ok, after the burglar alarm also went off...and the police arrived, but I bet it was seeing my scary visage in the window that made them run away!!)