Monday, December 05, 2005

Snow and the Tree Conundrum

I woke up yesterday morning unaware that my dream had come true! I stepped outside for my early morning pee, and as I stepped on the cobblestones, I heard a loud CRUNCH! Boy, I jumped in fright! I then looked all around me, and would you believe, the whole yard was coated in that white stuff, SNOW! First I tasted it - it was refreshing and cold. Then I ran around and jumped in it. It wasn't as soft as I thought it would be and it was brrrrr cold!

Mom was so excited to see me play in the snow, she very uncharacteristically did NOT get back into bed, but instead took me out to the park. I met up with my good friends Oren, the Shephard mix; and Saag the big black poodle. We ran around off leash, chased eachother and had a blast! Here are photos of the three of us. Look how I'm grinning in both the photos!

Below are me and Saag hanging out and investigating an ominous looking box (alas, nothing tasty in there to eat):

And now for the action shots of me and Oren going wild. He plays quite rough, but I can handle it!

I heard on the TV last night that more snow is going to fall later today - 3-6 inches. That sounds like me and my pals are in for more fun tomorrow in the park!
Yesterday afternoon, Mom (boy she was energetic yesterday!) also took me to a new park called the Wissihicken Creek with her friend Jessica. I got to see these huge dogs called Horses for the first time, and....I got to eat their poop! I don't know why Mom and Jessica shrieked when I did so, I thought it was rather a tasty treat! Nice of them to leave me treats along the trail, don't you think?

Speaking of weird new species, I went to grandma and grandpa on Saturday afternoon. I was standing on their couch (I always make myself at home) looking into this odd glass box, when I noticed this funny looking thing lift his head and move! Of course I started to bark loudly to warn everyone that there was an intruder in the living room! Dad said, "Oh Axel, that's Mr. Turtle" by way of some explanation...Mr Turtle? I don't care what its name is, what is it doing in my livingroom?

After this exciting encounter, I needed to take a leak. I noticed a small tree in the dining room and lifted my leg like I'd been taught to do when in the presence of a tree. Well, blow me away, Grandpa seemed upset! He yelled at me! I was totally confused.

I since wrote to a few of my pals, and it seems oddly enough, that trees INSIDE the house are not to be peed on! Geez, humans really expect a lot from us mere canines. As my friend Gus the Smoothie wrote, "Humans are real funny. They have this wierd idea that we're supposed to know the difference between an inside tree and an outside tree." Or as Woody the Wire put it, "Humans are strange. They bring in the "outside," and then we are to pretend they are not "inside.""

So in the interests of all us very confused dogs, I have created a little quiz for us. Look at the four trees below, and guess which ones we CAN pee on, and which ones we CAN'T pee on! I know it's hard, but it's a good learning tool for us all. It gets especially confusing this time of year for my pals who celebrate Xmas, 'cos humans bring a tall tree into the house full of enticing decorations! But surprise surprise, we're expected not only to NOT pee on it, but also to ignore the glitzy decorations!


Ok, I trust you all tried your best. Here are the answers:

An indoor Xmas tree is NOT to be peed on.
An outdoor Xmas tree - can be peed on (but it may not be a popular decision!)
An indoor tree/plant is NOT to be peed on.
An outdoor tree/plant can be peed on.

I hope that clears up this confusing matter!

A further update on the Blainsvile Wires: I got this lovely letter from Honey Bee's Mom Elisabeth - you will recall that Honey Bee is a foster too:

"We visited 3 of the other Blainville dogs today, they were too old (12-13 yrs) and sick to be adopted out so they were sent from the SPCA directly to our local animal hospital and are now being fostered by a friend and neighbour of mine, Kathy. The vet thought they might not survive last weekend, but with Kathy and her young foster son's nurturing, they are improving and enjoying some happy, comfortable days. They are Lambie, Chicklet and Sweetpea. One has multiple tumours, the others have varying degrees of infections, kidney, liver problems etc. They are sad evidence of the terrible neglect these dogs have suffered. With all that, they still have the sweetest dispositions, just like Honey Bee."
Kathy, all my blog readers salute you! Thank you for your loving heart!

More good news. Meet Mireille (WFT, right) and her new family which includes a 4 year old lab sister. Mireille is about 6 years old and a real sweetheart she requires medication for bad ear infections and antibiotic creams for her skin rash. Her new family live across the street from a large park and hope to have her running and playing before long. They plan on providing her with all the love she needs to get her back in good health.

Way to go people! Doesn't Mireille look like a sweetie?

Many of my pals and I are hoping to send some holiday gifts to these special wires to bring them some festive cheer!

Well, I'm going to go sit by the window now and wait for the white stuff to fall!