Monday, October 16, 2006

One Lucky Dog

I tell you, I enjoy the good life!

I get to lie snuggled in the down comforter and enjoy the sun as it comes streaming through the windows...

I get to eat really humungous marrow bones...well, not every day...but they sure last a long time.

And, I get to enjoy some alone my house, when I feel like it. I quite like my crate these days...

And as if this isn't enough, yours truly is in the lead for the Awesome Blog Award on! If you are a fan and want to vote, please go to - click on the register button on the top of the page. Register by filling out a username, password, & email address and select
the human option. That is it! The site will then send you an email, you click on the link in that email, then scroll down to the Awesome Blog Award section - click on October Poll and vote for AXEL! I know it sounds complex, but really it is not! Thank you for your efforts!

You know, when I think how fortunate I really am, I think about all those foxies, who don't have what I have. And I want to help them!

This is the story of one WFT needing our help:

Bess was picked up as a stray and taken to the Garland, Texas city animal shelter. She has large mammary tumors and a very bad cataract in one eye. Her other eye is cloudy also. The vet estimates her age as 10+ years. The ladies who work in the shelter took a special shine to Bess (who had no name at that point) and were determined to get help for her. Thanks to an organization called DFW Cares, Bess was picked up and taken to be boarded at Noah's Ark Vet Clinic in Carrollton Texas. Thanks to Cheryl Collins and Jeanne Rhinehart, a wonderful adopter was found who will get Bess the treatment she needs and give her a wonderful home.
We expect Bess' surgery to excise the tumors and spay her will cost approximately $700. The vet who saw her in Texas thinks her prognosis is excellent once the tumors are excised. She may need treatment for her cataracts at some point but one thing at a time!

Any contributions toward her care would be deeply appreciated. If you can help, please go to