Monday, February 13, 2006

After the (snow) fall...

Did anyone notice the important milestone we reached yesterday? We surpassed 10,000 page views on my blog! And that is not from the first day I went online, I only put the counter on in November, so I'm pretty proud of myself! Now if only some pet industry giant would discover my blog and ask for the privilege of paying me to advertise...hmmmm

Well, when I went out today, I was amazed that the snow was still here...except it had become a bit less fluffy, and more hard and slippery. Dad took me out to play with my pals this morning despite the snow and bitter cold. He is such a trooper. I could have stayed out all day, but after about 45 minutes Dad said I looked like a big icicle, whatever that is, and dragged me home. I then bounded up the stairs and jumped on Mom, who was sleeping in cos she only had to be at work around 10. I was still cold and icy and just wanted to snuggle with her, but Mom jumped up like I'd shot her with some other idiot you may have read about! Mom dragged out the blowdryer, and I sat still like a good boy and let her dry me, cos I sure was cold!

I wanted you to see what our street looked like yesterday, so I took a photo for you:

And here are two more of me:

I just love sticking my long snout into the snow!

Well bitches, tomorrow is Valentines Day. Being a Jewish dog, I'm not meant to take it too seriously - it's really a goyish holiday. But that doesn't really get Dad off the hook, Mom still has expectations. Dad didn't have to work today - so do you think he went out to shop for Mom's gift? Nooooo. Dad is obsessed with keeping his parking spot outside the house, so not only did he NOT go shopping for his loved one, he didn't take her to or from work either...Mom had to bus or rely on the kindness of work coleagues for a ride! I didn't mind - I got to stay home with my favorite buddy! I'm hoping Dad will read this and not forget (he can be pretty forgetful...) to buy Mom something tomorrow! Otherwise there will be hell to pay I'm sure. A bitch can get very sensitive about this sort of commercial crap. Her gifts for him are hidden in a closet where I can't get them!

I have thought long and hard about who to ask to be my valentine. I am afraid I just can't choose (oh forgive me Miss Amelia) - I just love all you bitches so much, that I want you to ALL be my Valentine - trust me, I have enough love to go around!