Sunday, July 30, 2006

Itchies Progress Report and Utter Verklemptness

Well you'll all be happy to hear that Gracie and I buried the hatchet on Friday (not literally as neither of us could find one to bury) when we met up in the park after a torrential downpour. She did some grovelling, so I forgave her and now we are bestest pals again. Man did we have fun! Noone was around, so we took over the kid's playground and ran up and down the equipment. There are two small slides, a big one and a spiral one. Gracie and I were having such a blast, Gracie got confused and instead of running down the big slide, she went bounding down the spiral one! Boy that was scary - she sort of fell on her head. But it didn't phase her and back we went, both going down the big slide one after the other so that I landed on Gracie when I hit the bottom. We got awfully hot, so we both ran into a big puddle, sat down, wrestled and got full of mud. Ah, what a grand day!

But later my Mom got very upset when she turned on that damn CNN again. This time it wasn't something far away in the Middle East that made her heart lurch, it was a story about a shooting at a Jewish Federation building in Seattle, WA. Some man angry at the Middle East situation decided to take out his feelings with a gun on 5 innocent women who worked there. One was killed and four were badly injured. Mom also works for a Jewish Federation, so this story upset her greatly - she told Dad it could happen at any Jewish institution...I think I better start going with Mom to work - I would be able to sniff a deranged lunatic a mile away.

I've received so many kind emails asking about my itchies and offering all sorts of advice, so I wanted to post some new pics so you can see there is some improvement - granted my front paws aren't completely A-OK, but they are a lot less itchy:

Mom thinks the medicine did the trick. Boy those pills make me sleepy and ravenous...I've been eating like a horse and sleeping like a! Heh heh. Here I am dozing on my perch:

I have new friends to introduce to you. Meet Sammy, he lives in Blacklick, Ohio with his Mom Jean. Good to meet you Sam my boy! You sure look fluffy dude, and clean! Are you sure you're a wiry guy? Seriously, note everyone the very unusual situation evident in that photo - NO couch cover, Sammy is standing on the actual couch material. WOW!! A wire usually looks more like my bud Cody, pictured right! Heh Heh, Cody digs playing with the hose!

And then there is Daisy, what a sweet little bitch, and Mom of the very famous Canadian Colby featured often on my blog. Daisy has a very high pedigree, and lives with her mom Alexis, I forget where...maybe Canada? Daisy's best pal is Hamish the Sheltie, though she won't tell me if there is a romantic involvement there...

Finally, meet Buster - a fellow wire and a fellow blogger. Check out his blog called very humorously, The Wire Fox Terrorist. He's a funny chap, he is an expert in grilling and seems to enjoy doing beach jigs by the look of his funny photo below. His blog comes with this warning: "Do not be alarmed, I am a wire fox terrier and cannot help myself."

And now for an amazing story...animal related of almost moved me to tears. Happy tears.
In a zoo in California, a mother tiger gave birth to a rare set of triplet tiger cubs but sadly they died shortly after birth. The mommy tiger started to decline in health due to depression, and the vets decided that if the tigress could surrogate another mother's cubs, perhaps she would improve. But there were no tiger cubs to be found anywhere so they decided to try something that had never been tried in a zoo environment. Sometimes a mother of one species will take on the care of a different species. The only orphans that could be found quickly, were a litter of weaner pigs. The zoo keepers and vets wrapped the piglets in tiger skin and placed the babies around the mother tiger. They wondered, would they become cubs or pork chops?

You be the judge. (Warning, the following images may result in strong reactions of verklemptness...)



Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gracie's Big Secret

So there I was, surfing the web merrily while Mom and Dad were at work, when I went back to Dogs with Blogs to see if any more Wires had joined (most of my pals have!). And lo and behold, I see listed "Amazing Grace - Anatolian Shephard - Pennsylvania, USA".

Well, I almost fell out of my chair.

Surely, thought I, there cannot be two Anatolians named Grace in PA! So I clicked on the link, and sure enough, there she was - my first love, my neighborhood squeeze Gracie with her very own blog!

Friends, I was shattered. How could the love of my life keep this secret from me? Was she afraid I might think her a copycat (copydog?). Did she intend to bitch about me and thus wish to keep the blog from me? Or, most likely, did she not want to openly compete with my blogging prowess. As we all know, I am king of the dogblogosphere...

I didn't see Gracie today, but when I see her, I may play up my dejection or just openly confront her. Either way it is likely to end up with some passionate make up wrestling.

Deep down I am very pleased Gracie has taken to the blogosphere, now I can read her inner thoughts and she won't be able to be mysterious. I just wish she'd told me damn it.
We've been friends forever - this is a pic of Gracie and Me (with Ohren) when she was smaller than I was:

And now look at her - she is at least double my weight and still growing, growing, growing - but then I like my bitches BIG:

Gracie, if you grovel a bit, I'll find it in my heart to forgive your "deception"...I love you too much to hold even the tiniest grudge.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No respite in sight...

Friends, I am falling apart. First the terrible itchies and now I've been invaded by the big green blob! Yesterday my eye was full of green yucky stuff and this morning, I woke up with more of it and my eye was all crusty. Mom very gently wiped the crusties and took away the green stuff with warm water and cotton wool. But my eye is itchy, my body is itchy and I'm going beserk. The only thing that takes my mind off my troubles are the following:

1. Dingo chews
2. Marrow bones
3. Milk bones or riblet treats
4. My best friend Gracie, the Anatolian Shephard
5. Being around my other canine pals

The problem is I'm home most of the day alone without distractions - I mean Mom and Dad leave me items 1-3, but I only like to eat those sitting on Mom's lap or when they are home with me. So I'm left to deal with the itchies and I can't even bark just for some release, because of Rex the horrid neighbor who coerced Mom and Dad into using a bark collar. They used to slack off and forget about it but Rex wrote to the city to complain, and since then the parents are fanatical about keeping me from barking lest I upset the dear sensitive Rex. I'm a dog god damn it, why can't I bark?

Anyway, I need to stop bitching, it's not becoming of a virile (albeit temporarily unattractive) wiry male. Let's rather talk about bitches rather than bitching! I got an email from a wiry bitch named Ciara - she lives with her family and canine bro Simon in the Mojave desert in southern Nevada. She is almost 2 and boy is she sweet! When I saw the pic she sent I laughed out loud because I just love her expression. I amused myself thinking of what she could be thinking in this pic:

-- I am the beautiful Ciara - don't mess with me Dog!
-- Where is my chicken wing damn it? (Her Dad told me she loves chicken wings above all else)
-- I have you all figured out, don't you doubt it...

She is very talented is Miss Ciara. Her dad Tom says, "She spends her days diving in dad’s spa where she dives for her toys. She can get down about 2 feet max so far, but I’ll not be surprised if she goes deeper. The bottom is just over 3 feet and she can see the toys at that depth." I dive in my doggie pool too Ciara, but when the water comes up to my ankles, I can't say it's very difficult to retrieve my toys! Heh heh.

Shout out to my friend in Troy, NY - Pippin - the poor thing is suffering from the stinkies...or should I say her family is suffering from having to deal with her smelly farts. I am very refined, I don't fart, at least not if I can help it. Pip, I hope the vet puts you right tomorrow - it can't be fun having runny poops and stinkies. I just hope the vet doesn't prescribe a gas mask. Mine prescribed a lampshade - so a gas mask is not that far fetched. These vets can be very creative!

I leave you with this image my friends sent in by Pam -- I believe it gives a whole new meaning to Fox TV:


Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Yummy Diversion

As you all know, I haven't been myself lately. I have some horrible allergies that make me chew and bite myself. I'm on meds now - Hydroxyzine and some lotion, but I'm not sure I am feeling that much better. I laugh in agony to think of my blog entry just a few weeks ago calling myself Mr Handsome. Look at me now, I look hideous!

Mom is trying everything to stop me from chewing myself, so today while she worked on her computer and Dad was out working, she gave me this big yummy bone to chew on. It certainly tastes a lot better than my own leg, and I forgot my itchies for a long while. Mom looked pleased with herself:

My pal Gus in Sante Fe is also into chewing himself - but luckily he doesn't have allergies - he injured his paw. The vet put a PINK bandage on it and though Gus tried his hardest to fight the vet (how can a virile young WFT suffer the indignity of a PINK bandage!), he is now forced to wear it. Poor Gus. I'm just waiting in dread for Mom to pick up on the idea and bandage my red and itchy legs. I swear I will go mad!

While surfing the net today I came across a neat site called Dogs with Blogs. I actually think it was Gus who told me to visit the site and make sure to put my blog on their list. I never dreamed there were so many dog bloggers out there -- it made me feel a little less special - especially to read how some of these canine bloggers have won awards and been noticed by important people. I also want to get noticed. NOTICE ME DAMN IT. Anyway, Gus and I are the only two Wires on the long list of dog bloggers - even if we are at the very end of the list. We encourage the other wiry bloggers out there to add your blogs so we can show that wires are at the forefront of the dogblogosphere!

Good news! I have managed to draw Mom away from watching the war in the Middle East on CNN by finding her delightful wire fox videos online to watch instead!
Friends, if you too are having issues with blaring TV's showing horrid images of misery and destruction - grab your human by the pants leg and get them to their computers!
Check out Nina WFT enjoying her Chicken Game; My Fox Terrier; Mago&Andrea Bocelli (a must see, a cultured Wire!); Homenaje a Pepe (bit long and what is he doing in black undies?) and Maggie can Swim (surprise surprise, what WFT can't?).
I too want to be a video star - I"m going to start working on the parents!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Linus the Coon Killer

Remember a little while ago I related that my poor friend Jenny the Wire was bitten by an evil raccoon and as a result became paralysed for a few weeks from what is known as Coonhound Paralysis. At the time, I offered a $1 million and a year supply of treats to anyone who could catch that horrid creature! Alas noone claimed the reward. But this week, I heard via the terrier grapevine that one 87 pound Airdale named Linus (right) had caught and killed a coon in his own backyard! Now, unless Linus can prove that this was the same coon who bit Jenny (Good luck old Linus - I believe you live in different states!), I'm afraid he cannot claim the reward, but none the less, I want to offer him hearty congratulations on his amazing hunting feat! Pictured right is Linus with the dead raccoon in his mouth - well a not-so-good artist's impression of a dead coon in his mouth - I'm a blogger, I get a bit of artistic expresssion leeway here!

I bet you are all wondering what happened at the vet yesterday. I ended up going only with Dad 'cos Mom was running late at work. I always enjoy a visit to the vet as it's a good place to meet other dogs and chase a few cats. The vet lady was very nice - she prescribed stronger pills for me and some sort of conditioning lotion which I haven't tried yet becos Mom and Dad need to wear gloves to apply it and they haven't gotten any yet. Explain to me how it's okay to put something on my coat that isn't good to put on human hands. If I lick it it can't be very good for me - indeed the vet said it might make me sick. So we're all a bit confused really. But I hope the pills at least make me feel human again. If you know what I'm saying.

I want to bring an important event to the attention of all friends within driving distance to Lancaster, Pa. This October 14th are teaming with "United Against Puppy Mills", to raise awareness of the deplorable conditions puppy mills generate. The event is to be held in Lancaster Central Park, in Lancaster Pennsylvania from 10am-3pm. Go to, Scroll down to United Against Puppy Mills click, open the file and print copies of the flyer and post anywhere dog lovers congregate. Wholesale puppy brokeraging is a National tragedy, Lancaster County PA, has the highest concentration of Puppy Mills in the US. Help us bring awareness to this disgrace. What is hidden should be seen. Post the flyers, send a delegation to the event. I am going to convince Mom and Dad to go - and maybe we can meet up with Sydney, a resident of Lancaster, and Lucy, Skippy and others...

My fellow blogger Snickers turned 4 today, so I wanted to wish her a very happy birthday. The lucky bitch had a party with a special birthday cake and her friends came to visit. Not even my Mom had that much attention on her birthday this week.

It's cooled down a bit today so I'm really looking forward to a long walk and play session with my pals in the park when Mom gets home.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Get Lucky Today!

Urgh, I'm going to the vet this evening. Mom and Dad are going nuts watching me chew myself senseless. Everytime I try to bite myself or scratch, they try to pry my head or leg away, and it's very frustrating. They keep threatening to put that lampshade thing on me, but it makes me so unhappy they capitulate. As Mom said, imagine if we had big mosquito bites and couldn't scratch, we'd also go barmy.

I look pretty awful, I have red splotches everywhere, my paws are red. Man, I'm miserable. I hope the vet can help me tonight. Dad highly respects this man as he looked after all Dad's pets when he was a young boy. Mom just thinks it's a terrible shlep - it takes about an hour to get there...but as long as he helps me Mom won't mind.

Anyway, it takes my mind off my itchies to talk about something else. I want to introduce you to Lucky a 5 1/2 year old male wire who lost his home because his Mom lost her job and had to move. He is completely house trained, has all of his shots, is on heart worm preventative. He is very sweet and loves to go for walks and plays well with another dog. He will lay at your feet or sleep with you on the sofa. He should not go to a home with another male says his guardian. That's too bad because I was going to ask Mom and Dad if Lucky could come and live with us!

If you can offer Lucky a forever home - please contact Nancy at

Not much else to report. The heat is god awful, so I haven't been out much, and when we do go out usually later than usual in the evening, I come home and lie on the cold floor and pant for an hour (in between scratches of course). Wouldn't it be grand if some of that white cool stuff would fall from the ground? I liked playing in the snow!


Monday, July 17, 2006

My Mom is a Young Bitch


I heard it is not polite to reveal how old a woman I'll just say she's a tad over 5 doggie years! Mom says that sounds much better than putting it in human terms.

I bought Mom a card which Dad signed on my behalf 'cos I'm not so good with a pen. I was hoping for some birthday cake, but Dad seemingly forgot to make one! Shame on him!

It is 101F today so Dad and Mom refuse to take me to the dog park. What a bunch of wussies! I'm going to go stand at the door and look miserable. Maybe they'll get the hint.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

I Wish I Had Earplugs

I need some peace and quiet. Mom has had the television on all weekend, stuck on CNN. She seems quite upset when she watches the idiot box, yet she doesn't take the logical step and switch it off! It seems there is big trouble going on in a place called the Middle East. Mom used to live in Israel and has lots of family and friends there, so she is worried about what CNN calle a "crisis" but what Mom and Dad say are a WAR!

I of course wonder about what happens to the dogs when their owners are forced to flee their homes or hunker down in bomb shelters. I hope unlike most places, dogs are welcome at these shelters. I'm sure bombs are a lot louder than fireworks, so I really feel for my fellow canines in the war zones.

Back in my comfy little world, I wanted to update you on my itching situation. I'm afraid it is not much improved despite a visit to the vet, a cortisone shot and twice daily Benadryl capsules (adult dose). I also got bathed in anti itching shampoo yesterday which smelled just a little better than that Murphy's oil stuff. But none of this is helping me so much, I still itch too often and it's driving me nuts. Dad is going to take me to another vet this week. I hope he can help me.

Boy is it HOT. I love my walks, but walking in what feels like a hot cup of soup, is not such fun. Mom woke up at 7am this morning (very uncharacteristically!) and we went out while it was still dewy and cool. I also enjoyed the benefits of the park smorgusbord thanks to the increase of picnickers who come out when the weather is hot. Mom made the mistake (lucky me) of letting my off lead, so I could run and skip from one meal to the next till my luck ran out and Mom decided enough was enough.

Anyway, I think I'm going to head to the basement - at least it is cool down there and I won't be able to hear the war stuff on tv. And I can scratch and bite myself without Mom and Dad looking at me in dismay.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

24/7 Itch

Boy am I itchy! It is driving me nuts! I can't take it!

Last night Mom came home with some foul smelling purple stuff that she tried to make me drink. I took one lick and ran in the opposite direction. Mom seemed genuinely surprised. Newsflash Mom: I may eat garbage, poop and other unmentionables, but that doesn't mean I like medicine! Got it?

Mom then got clever and mixed the Benadryl in some Cherry Garcia ice cream (which I love) and so I lapped up its cold creaminess - albeit tinged with vile grape medicine flavor.

After about an hour, man, I felt totally stoned. Like I'd smoked a huge joint or been at a bong for a bit too long. I stood on the couch and just stared into space - I was totally out of it. I can't say it was the greatest feeling - but it did take my mind off my itching limbs for a few hours.

But when it wore off, that evil itch came back with renewed vigor and I was forced to bite myself all over again until I had big red welts on my legs and inner thighs. Mom kept trying to cover my limbs, but that didn't work, I just bit her by mistake instead. So that was short lived. Good try Mom.

Out of desperation Mom wrote to her very knowlegeable friends on the Fox Terrier Network email list. Boy there are some great humans in the FTN community, real foxie lovers and devotees. Of course we've met a few of the special people like Kathy and Melissa and Barb and their wiry charges - so the list is more than just a bunch of cyber connections. So Wanda on the list told Mom to bathe me in...Murphy's oil! Mom, being a non-American, had no idea what that was until she googled it. I had no clue either.

Together we clicked the link, and horrors - up came a bottle of furniture polish! So friends, that is what my future holds...a bath in furniture polish this evening. I'm hoping Mom forgets all about this as I really don't think I want to smell like a wooden table for the rest of my life! My dog park friends are going to turn away in disgust when they sniff me!

I'll keep you posted. Right now, I need to go scratch some more....this sucks!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Call me Monsieur Manipulator

Well hi there.

I've been getting grumbles via email about my absence from the blogosphere, but it's hardly my fault that I haven't blogged. My parents up and abandoned me this past weekend and dumped me at my grandparents. Initially I was thrilled to go for a car ride to NE Philly because I thought I'd see Buddy the Jack Russel who lives next door, and swim with him in his pool.

When Mom and Dad stopped outside my grandparent's house, I was beyond excited. My mom was half way out the car, holding onto my lead, when I jumped out the car at full throttle. Mom was ever so clumsy and fell out of the car backwards onto the concrete pavement. Of course she blamed me, when we all know full well that she just lost her balance. She sat on the concrete wiping her bloody elbow and screaming unmentionable insults at me. I didn't really care at that point as I spotted THREE wild bunnies jumping across the lawn and made a valiant effort to catch them! Dad grabbed me in mid air and dragged me and my unhappy Mom into the house.

After a while, I got bored and started thinking about those bunnies outside. So I sort of fooled Mom into thinking I was desperate for a pee and kept walking to the door! Mom told Dad he had to take me out 'cos she was not up to handling me, but Dad was obsessing over his sister's laptop trying to show off my blog to his parents. Mom was convinced I was about to pee on the floor - I'm such a great actor - so she impatiently took my lead and let me out.

And there again were those bunnies! Well, I lunged at them using every ounce of my strength and in so doing, almost pulled Mom right over or at least almost pulled her arm out it's socket and dragged her across the lawn in hot pursuit of the fluffy babies. She started screaming for Dad to come and help her as she just couldn't hold me back in her already traumatised state from her aforementioned clumsiness getting out of the car. Dad evidently didn't hear her, and grandma came to her rescue instead. I refused to come inside, but when I did eventually I could tell Mom had been yelling at Dad for failing to come to her aid, and for failing to take me out in the first place. It was not a pretty scene. Mom wouldn't even look at me - and frankly I was so enraptured by those bunnies, I didn't really give a shit. I know, I know, that sounds awfully mean, but furry bunnies ready to be chased are infinitely more exciting than emotionally distraught crying Mothers and chastised Fathers.

Next thing I knew, Dad and Mom had made up and were walking out the door hand in hand, WITHOUT ME. On the one paw I was happy to stay there on the off chance of chasing those bunnies again, but on the other paw, I didn't want to be abandoned either. And abandoned I was, not for one evening, but THREE whole days! I did everything I could to misbehave so that my grandparents would have enough of me and send me home. But they put up with my barking and misdeeds, the poor sods.

And then yesterday, 3 days after been summarily dumped, Dad arrives to take me home. I was happy to see him, I won't deny it, but I decided to play a little hard to get and to fake not wanting to go home. Dad looked rather surprised and a little hurt. But I reserved my best performance for Mom - when I saw her at home, I barely gave a wag, and for the next few hours, I pretended to be mad at them. I didn't follow them around like usual, I just sat morosely on the couch. Mom wondered aloud to Dad whether I was depressed - hahaha! - or ill - hahaha! I tell you I deserve an Oscar!

While Mom and Dad were trying to figure out my weird mental state, I overheard them threatening to take me for some training. Dad spoke to Elvis's Mom Priscilla who has some experience with dog training and told her what had happened at my grandparents and how badly behaved I was, and she told Dad that Mom needed to do arm strengthening exercise. HAHA! Boy did that make me laugh to myself. I misbehave and almost cripple my Mother (oops, I think I denied my part in that earlier) and the dog trainer says Mom is the one who needs the training! Hahaha! Mom was not amused with Priscilla's advice, to put it mildly.

"The bloody Axel dog is the problem, not ME" she proclaimed, "we need the bloody dog whisperer not a bloody personal trainer for ME!"

Enough said Mom.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Vacation Report and Pictures

Happy July 4th Everyone!

Mom realized that yesterday was her 4 year anniversary in the United States. is Mom and Dad's ONE month wedding anniversary!

But more importantly, today I get to tell you all about my fabulous vacation at the NJ shore! We just got home a while ago, in time for all the July 4th craziness on the Parkway up the road.

My Vacation: Chapter One
Hit the Road Ax
On Friday Mom and Dad packed up all their goodies and we we hit the road to the NJ Shore - our destination: North Wildwood.
I love being on the road, feeling the air in my face...

My vacation: Chapter 2
Our digs
Mom found this rather little old "house" to rent on Craigslist. It was cheaper than usual probably because when you walked through the door it was like stepping into the 1940's. Put it this way, it wasn't very modern looking. But I loved it, I could jump on the furniture, run in the yard and make myself at home without worrying about messing up the decor. I did miss my window perch in Philly, but I just adjusted to the new situation by lying on my stomach under the porch railing:

We had a really good time in North Wildwood and also drove around to Wildwood, Cape May, Avalon and other places. But it was always nice to come "home" where we all spent such quality time together sitting on the porch reading or snuggling inside:

My vacation: Chapter 3
Meeting Wiry Friends

Mom and Dad always go out of there way to hook me up with other wires. So our vacation was no exception. We drove 30 minutes to Ocean City where my cyber pal Skippy and his Mom Barb were waiting to meet us. Skippy is a 9-year old wire rescue who lives with his Whelsh sister Lulu. We had a wonderful time running around Skippy's beautiful shore house and eating lots of treats. We hope that maybe Skippy, Lucy (Kathy's wire) and I can meet up soon as we don't live that far from eachother. Skippy's Mom was awesome, she brought out cakes for Mom and Dad, and kept admiring how handsome I am.

My Vacation: Chapter 4
Idiocy in Ocean City (no offense to Skippy)

After we said our goodbyes to Skippy and Barb, we were driving home when we noticed a big sign, "Dog Park". As I was dying to play some more, Mom and Dad made a detour so I could go to the park.

But when we arrived there, it was empty and every entrance gate was bolted with big magnetic locks that require swipe cards to enter. Well, Dad, who is not a mild mannered guy (that's why I dig him, his passion!)...went ballistic. "A private dog park? I don't %$#&ing believe this!!" (trust me, I am not doing his ire justice). He promptly called up City Hall on his cell (while Mom rolled her eyes in the backseat) to ask what was up with this park. Turns out it is PRIVATE, and only for resident dogs of Ocean City who need a permit for the luxury of playing there which comes with a fee! So I guess Skippy will get to enjoy it, but I couldn't and that made me sad. So, with no insult to you Skippy and Barb who live there part of the year, UP YOURS OCEAN CITY!

By the way, I made a nice poopie outside the gate...and I'm not going to admit or deny that we disposed of it!

Chapter 5: My Vacation
Frolick on the Beach

NJ has very discriminatory policies towards us canines. Well, actually, not only canines...all the signs along the beach and boardwalks say "No dogs or cats or domestic animals permitted from May to October". Mom and Dad had a chuckle about "domestic animals" - Dad wondered what would happen for example if a pirate came upon a beach with his parrot - would he get fined? Funnily enough the night Mom and Dad braved the boardwalk in Wildwood (without me of course) then ran into a man with a parrot and put the question to him!

Anyway, not to be deterred by petty signage, one morning Dad and I went for an early walk and Dad risked taking me onto the beach. It was grand but the waves coming at me scared me a little. Mom was so upset she'd slept through (typical mom) my first beach experience, but she needn't have worried! On the way back from our disappointment in Ocean City, we passed a secluded sort of a beach off the highway and saw dogs on it, so Dad pulled over and we went to check it out. It was such fun - it was a lagoon and a beach, water everywhere. We all had a grand ol' time!

Chapter 6: My Vacation
Closing Thoughts

After 4 glorious days in the sleepy town of North Wildwood, we headed home today to Philly. I thoroughly enjoyed my very first vacation and hope it is the start of many more. I especially look forward to more roadtrips in search of more of my wiry pals. It was awesome of Mom and Dad to take me along on their mini-honeymoon as I can be a pain at times...but I am pretty sure having me along only exacerbated their vacation pleasure...

Tomorrow it's back to the grindstone - barking, sleeping and keeping the folks in line.