Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I feel like doing a jig! I just received word that little Asta, that sweet gal I featured in my premiere edition of "Take Me Home" yesterday, and who has been on my mind, has found a forever family!

Is this not just the happiest news!? Asta sweetie, I wish you all very best in your new forever home - may you finally get the love and attention you deserve.

Unfortunately there are other Wires still seeking homes in Brooklyn and Upstate NYC - I'll be posting their stories tomorrow.


Turn up the Radio!

Awesome news my canine and feline friends (ok, who am I bullshitting, I have no feline friends) - we now have our own radio station! It is aptly called "Now dogs, cats, hamsters and parrots can keep the anxiety, the loneliness, the restlessness at bay while their owners are out. It is radio just for them, live 17 hours a day, 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. Pacific time, and podcast for the rest of the 24 hours. " So I'm listening to it right now while I blog! It's really cool! You can read more about it in the NY Times. Thanks to my friends Becka and Noonie the retriever in Israel for passing on this great info to me.

Well, Halloween is behind us, the Cow costume is thankfully in the closet...but I am still getting photos of my pals in their costumes, or how should I put it, Halloween themed images? On the left is the very fetching Tennessee Witchie girl Moira Eilleen - boy has she grown into a gorgeous speciman! But she is protected by her big brother WindWizard...and apparently I have to undergo some sort of test to even play with Moira! To the right are the Savage kids looking decidedly spooky - I'm not sure if it is Woody and Amelia, or Alexis...they all look pretty alike.

I keep thinking about little Asta who I posted on yesterday's blog entry...I keep hoping she's found a home. You just never know what can happen when you rescue a dog. Read a wonderful story today about a rescued cocker spaniel who saved her new owners life when he backed over a ravine and was pinned in his car. "Honey saved his life just in time (she ran 1/2 a mile to summon help). Ironically, Bosch had recently saved hers when he adopted her from a shelter two weeks ago. " I must be maturing, this story is making me teary and sentimental!

I'm off to work with Dad today...yippee. He is working on his parent's house doing some repairs and painting so I get to go with and play in the yard and supervise the job!