Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I am blessed!

Today Mom and Dad took me to The Carnivale of the Dogs in Rittenhouse Square Park. We went a few years ago and it was fun, so we decided to go again. I'm not too fond of crowds and gatherings of little dogs, especially little dogs dressed up in ridiculous costumes, but it was kinda fun. One thing I remembered from last time was the big pond in the middle of the park, so I immediately pulled my humans in that direction and jumped up on the ledge. Imagine my disappointment - NO water! Someone stole the water!!!

That's me at left smiling, but actually I'm just in shock that all the water is missing!!!

I tried to hide my disappointment, but it wasn't easy. Many people came up to us to enquire what breed I some new guesses today -- Is that a Lakeland terrier? Is that a Dandy Diamont terrier? I mean please!! Do I look like I have pom-poms on my ears? The silly enquiring lady said she thought I was a Dandy cos I look a bit like a sheep!!

We only spotted two other terriers, a Scottie and a Bull Terrier. The rest were those very irritating tiny dogs like teacup things and a zillion Yorkies. Yeah, I know they are terriers, but I think they need to be reclassified as toy dogs!

So we walked around, Dad enjoyed the free hotdogs and drinks; and I got plenty of treats. As we were leaving a lady came up to us and told us to come on over to the church across from the park for the blessing of the animals. Mom embarrassed Dad and Me by asking if the service was non-denominational because "our dog is Jewish!" The lady said that indeed it was for dogs of all faiths. So we went. The priests were very kind and humorous. Father Neale spoke about his beloved terrier who had lived for 15 years and died in August.

I liked him very much especially as he was kind enough to have one of my nicknames enscribed upon his very impressive robes:

So prayers were said and hymns were sung and at one point they mentioned Jesus and Mom gave Dad a dirty look as if to say, "non denominational my ass!"
We then had to come forward and Father Neale threw water over our heads - that was a tad confusing since the only time people throw water on my head is when I lose my head in the park biting other dogs! There was also a very strange animal in the crowd, I'd never seen one before, Mom said it was a hedgehog! He was a very prickly guy...bit of a weird pet if you ask me!

So I am now a blessed dog - and it feels pretty good!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bark for Obama!

The world has gone mad. The TV is on every day and I'm hearing about greedy, failing banks being rewarded for greed and incompetance by being bailed out. I am hearing Obama and Biden, McCain and Palin debating the issues - not with each other mind you...that's tomorrow night! I'm even hearing about pitbulls with lipstick - as you know I don't think dogs should wear clothes, let alone MAKE UP! Gross.

I am not a political animal, but I have to state for the record that I am for Obama - I bark LOUD and PROUD for Obama! I'm looking forward to getting my Obama Bandana from Lenny - thanks dude.

I'm not the only Obama Dog fan - have you heard about Lilly Boxer, known as Obama Dog? She is doing her best to support Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential election and we are calling on all our dog pals to bark for Obama on November 4.

After looking at all Lilly's videos I saw one that shocked me for a moment - it is entitled - Obama Dog Tired of Hearing About Terriers!!! But after I watched it, I understood and could not agree more - that's all the Old Geezer and the Alaskan Woman Killer of Moose/wolves and bears talk about... {{shudder}}

So there you have it. Will you join me?


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday with the Folks

I am feeling a lot better - not as itchy - but the drugs do make me very thirsty and very tired. So I don't have much energy.

Yesterday there was a lot going on in our neck of the woods. There was a big Arts and Crafts Festival around the Eastern State Penitentiary (now a museum) and there was an Indian Festival on the Parkway. Not Native Indian, East Indian. It was pretty hot out so at times my energy flagged, but all in all we had a smashing good time - well except for the Crafts Festival which frankly Dad and I found rather boring....

That's me and Dad at the Crafts Festival pictured left. Can you tell we are bored?

The Indian festival was more interesting and very colorful. But the best thing about it was its location....right next to two of my favorite fountains! I was hot after the Crafts Bore, so the parents let me take a dip before we took on the Indians.

Then it was time for me to get out, but the fountain is deep and I always need help getting out:

Then we walked about the Indian festival. I got very excited when I saw this sign - FREE FEAST! But turned out we were early, the feast was not ready yet. Very disappointing! My predisone makes me ravenous and thirsty all the time.

This "thing" freaked me out was a huge puppet thing sitting by a tree - Mom said it was a snake charmer...

And then we just cruised around reading about Vegetarianism (boring), reincarnation (I think I used to be Prince in my former life) and meditation. And wherever we went people asked if we were registered to vote and me and Mom had to say that we weren't qualified to vote and that makes us very very sad because Obama and Biden need us to beat the Geriatric and the NRA touting/censoring/moose murderer/former Miss Alaska Runner-Up Woman! We don't like to get political on here, but seriously, even I can't fathom how anyone can want another 8 years of those Republicans...

On our way back to our car, Mom and Dad allowed me another dip in the fountain and then I sat on Mom's lap for a while to cool her down. I'm very accommodating.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mr. Miserable Itchy Guy


Please don't laugh at me in my booties. This is NO laughing matter. I am having a bad allergy attack. I'm itching all over and can't help scratching and biting my legs, paws and back. To stop me ripping my skin and bloodying myself, Mom insists on putting on these ridiculous booties. They tried to cheer me up by giving me a peanut butter kong, but I wasn't in a licking mood.

This morning I went to visit the vet lady. She felt very bad for me. She said my whole body was inflamed and infected, and I had a bad ear infection.

We were sent home with antibiotics, Predisone cortisone pills and ear wash stuff and ointment. And a high vet bill.
The Predisone is supposed to make me drink a lot and pee, but I've peed ONCE all day and I just do not feel like going out to make pee-pees. Frankly friends, I'm pretty depressed. I hope these drugs kick in real soon....

Until then, I am staying on my spot on the couch trying not to lick, bite and scratch. But boy it's hard...