Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Grief at the Groomers: A Tail of Woe

I have mustered up the strength to post pictures of my horrible haircut I had yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I am still very distressed. Mom told me there are levels of grief - I think I hit the pissed off level today.

Before I went to the groomer I looked like this. Scruffy, yes. But my coat was nice and wiry, and tri-color. You can see my black saddle and brown patches.

And last time I came home from the groomers, I looked like this and we were all happy! My face looks like a wire, my saddle is still black - I look handsome.

Now prepare yourselves, for you are about to see how I, Axel G Chocholoza, went from being a beautiful debonaire wire, to one with Schnauzer shaved head, clipped body with a horrible loss of tricolorism and wiry coat.

Just look what they did to my face!!! Would you not cower under the table too, wishing it was all some hideous nightmare?

Mom and Dad are beyond upset. They cannot understand how Melissa, the groomer, could ruin my coat like this? Mom left strict instructions that I was to be stripped. Melissa knew that - she'd done it twice before. And yet, she clippered me and didn't make me look anything like a wire should look. My neck was shaved so close, it's red and it itches.

Suffice to say we will NEVER set foot in that Groomers again. Mom has written to the store manager to complain and will call tomorrow to yell at Melissa. The salon manager told Mom she was sorry, that they were busy that day (great excuse don't ya think?) and that Melissa is leaving their employ at the end of the week. Mmmnn, not sure I buy that. Tomorrow Melissa comes back to work, and you can be sure Mom will be calling her to demand an explanation!

Yours in abject misery,