Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm going on vacation!

Oh Boy! Mom and Dad told me that we are going on vacation over the July 4th weekend to a place called North Wildwood in New Jersey! A vacation sure sounds like fun - Mom said I am going to see lots and lots of water everywhere - and I love water, sand and new sites and smells. Mom loves the ocean and hasn't seen it in 2 years, so she was doing a serious jig when they found the accommodations. Mom also went into top gear searching out dog-friendly places in the area and writing notes on Craigslist asking if there are dog beaches or parks. Someone claims we are allowed on the beach next to the boardwalk - I sure hope so.

Mom told me her dream is to be sitting on the beach under a brightly colored umbrella with Dad snoozing on the one side, and me sitting on a towel on the other watching the sea and swimming together in it. Sounds good to me!

Oh, and my pal Skippy from PA is down in Ocean City for the summer, so we hope to meet up! His mom says he's a brat - heh heh, we'll see!

In other news, the terrier population in Maine is growing daily! Check out the wiry Maine guys below - Willie, Terry and baby Guiness. They also have a blog full of fun pics of Wires and other dogs - check it out

It's been a very rainy weekend but hot and humid too. Mom is threatening to get me stripped this week so I'll be cooler on our vacation. Personally, I quite enjoy being stripped, it's like a calming massage at Bow Wow and Meouw!

Dad is dropping me off now at Gracie's house so we can play. Gracie is my best best girlfriend even though she is an Anatolian Shephard and not a wire. Her sister Kila is a spaniel and she's sweet too. So....toodles!