Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Fountain of Life

Sorry I haven't written for a while. It's the parents' fault - they buggered off over Memorial Day weekend to some place called Miami and dumped me at my grandparents house. I thought we were just visiting; they took grandpa out for dinner and next thing I know, he comes back without them and I see them 3 days later! I don't see why I couldn't go with to Miami - I mean I had an okay time at the grandparents but I missed my pals and my long walks.

But you could say Mom and Dad are making up for it this week. Yesterday, we had such a blast. Around 5pm, Mom, Dad, Pris the dogwalker/neighbor/friend and Austin the lab, one of Pris's charges and I, jumped into Mom's car and drove to Kelly Drive. I just knew this was going to be some sort of awesome adventure.

We parked and Austin and I jumped out the car. After a short walk, I thought I glimpsed heaven - a big fountain full of water! I almost pulled Mom right over in my haste to dive right in (did I mention it was 90F?) - so good woman that she is, she unclipped my leash and off I went. SPLASH, into the fountain. By now Austin, who is quite a laid back old dude, got excited too, and plowed in. Pris who is always a very well equipped dogwalker, produced a tennis ball, and the game was ON! Austin and I ran after it and had a wild time:

At first, Austin had it....

But then I dive-bombed him from the side, and stole it away...

Then we wrestled for it.

After a while, Mom got hot, and also jumped in with us...

Austin could not remember the last time he'd had this much fun! And nor could I. I just love to swim!

I forgot to mention that in the midst of all our glee, two big women dressed in black uniforms came up to our humans and told them we were not allowed to swim in the fountain. I was going to bite them, but I thought better of it. And anyway, it was towards the end of our swimming. Mom assured Austin and I that no bitches were going to prevent us dogs from having our fun! And Mom lived up to her promise 'cos today we went back, this time with Wiley the bearded collie and Brody the Cairn terrier, and we swam and swam and ran around off leash - and no-one stopped us. In fact, many people stopped to look at us approvingly and remarked how wonderful it was to see such happy and humourous dogs! You should have seen Wiley with his long coat all wet, he looked as skinny as a tree branch!

Anyway, back to yesterday. After the guards stopped our fun, I had a drink from the doggy fountain - having a doggy fountain suggests to me that the place welcomes dogs, so why should we be banned from the fountain which is a step away from the drinking fountain?

Then it was time to go back to the car. Austin got towel dried but I didn't need to as my coat hardly absorbs water and it dries off quickly. And don't worry, I don't sit on Mom's lap when she drives, I was safely in the back with Austin!

Here's to many more swims in the fountain and ponds...I love to swim!!!