Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blooming Marvelous!

Knock Knock?
Who's there?
Rex who?
Rex the angry neighbor who doesn't dig my barking.

Hello bark collar ol' enemy.

And I've been a really good boy of late, barking a lot less and I haven't destroyed any remotes or phones for at least a week.

Anyway, you know Butchy and Snicker's Mom Linda is always winning photo contests of her beautiful ponds and gardens. Like this one of Snickers for example:

Well Linda, look out, Mom is going to give you competition! Today the irises bloomed in gorgeous purple and yellow and Mom snapped this pic of me checking it out:

How cool is that? I look kind of high on it's scent!

My birthday is 2 weeks today and the dreaded wedding is now in under 5 weeks. Mom seems to wake up regularly these days at 4am, tosses and turns and then goes down for a drink. I like to go with her so she has company, and I take the opportunity for a pee. By the way the Fedex man brought Mom and Dad a beautiful wedding gift from Luci and Raisin and their parents Kathy and Ed - that was so nice of them! I can't wait to go see them again and swim with Luci in her big swimming pool!

I'm in love with the summertime. Everyday after work, Mom and I head to the park where I play with about 15-20 other dogs off leash. I must remember to take my camera with me tomorrow, you will die of envy when you see me with my pals.

Oh shoot, gotta run, I hear Mom a-coming and I'm not supposed to be in here.