Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Get me outta this frigging fur coat!

Greetings all.

The name is Axel G Chocholoza - leave it to the parents to come up with some bizarro name. People assume I'm named after that idiot Axel Rose or the bigger idiot, Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop. Wrong! I am named in honor of my maternal grandfather Abe who manufactures axels, and loves my breed. "G" is in honor of my wiry predecessor who grew up with mom in South Africa. Her name was Georgie. They were going to call me George, but I believe there is some other moron by that name who they don't like. Chocholoza I believe means "sweet little thing" in the black SA native language of Tswana. I quite dig that. I especially dig hearing Americans trying to pronounce it. Not the most articulate bunch, are they? Sorry Dad, I know you're American...

Anyway, so I was getting sort of bored being cooped up in the kitchen while mom and dad are at work, so unbeknownst to them, I jumped over my puppy gate, and made my way to the office where I taught myself to blog. Being the son of a webmaster and an engineer, I am quite the techno savvy canine, if I say so myself. Plugging away at the keyboard sure beats chewing those ridiculous doggie toys they come up with - dental rope and rawhide. I mean seriously, would you like to chew that shit?

It is frigging hot today in Philadelphia - 105 F, and I'm stuck in a fur coat! I sometimes wish I looked like one of those freaky Chinese Crested dogs, I'd be willing to sacrifice my good looks to be cool. Mom shlepped me for a walk this afternoon in the blazing heat - we live right near Fairmount Park which is pretty cool, but today I would have preferred to stay in the air conditioned house. Last night I played a prank on my parents and purposefully pissed in the air con vent. Boy, were they steamed!

Ah to be swimming right now. Last Saturday I had my first swim at my paternal grandparent's house - it was a blast!

Anyway, gotta dash, the petsitter Rose is due to arrive - mom hired her out of guilt for leaving me alone during the day. Haha, she should only know what fun I have when she is out. Between surfing the web, watching TV and finding new places to pee, life is swell!