Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hanging in the 'Hood

Yesterday we had our first WARM day in ages and ages. Mom and Dad took me for a long walk and to play with my friends by Lincoln Memorial and on the way back, we all just hung out outside our house - the humans enjoyed a beer/cooldrink and us dogs enjoyed our water and chilling with eachother.

Here I am on Dad's lap and in the background is Gracie's sister Kila. She's a very mellow chick:

Here is Gracie's bro Dozer - he's getting bigger every day. I have fun wrestling with him:

Wow, here is Dad surrounded by all of us. Radar is the big dude at left who walked by and said hello. I am still on Dad's lap, Gracie is in front of me, and Kila behind us.

I love this photo. Me and my Gracie - best pals in the world. Oh how I will miss her when she leaves in a few weeks!

Gracie lives in a zoo. Did I mention that? She also has two feline siblings. Here is Mojo the almost completely black cat hanging out in our flowerpot. I like to play with Mojo, we get along very well.

Dad seems to be enjoying a joke in this photo. Next to him is Dee - Gracie, Kila, Dozer and Mojo's mommy.

And here we all are again, this time also with our neighbor (the nice one) B and also visiting is Hailey, a breed of we're not sure what - Beagle and something...she is 9 years old and lives across the road - she barks a lot cos she's not used to us yet.

And finally - Dad yet again (obviously Mom prefers being the photographer than the model) with me, Gracie and Dozer.

Oh I love long summer days, hanging out with neighbors, being outdoors!
I hope this is the first of many wonderful days -- though they won't really be the same without Dee, Gracie, Dozer, Kila and Mojo.


PS In a few hours I'm going to get my haircut! Hope I don't come out looking like some crazy apparation.