Friday, November 04, 2005

No Appreciation!

I slept in my crate again last night just for the heck of it - I so enjoyed seeing my parent's confusion, I thought I'd extend their angst for another day.

This morning early Dad took me for the greatest walk. We ran into my best buddies Swoop (mixed brindle colored breed, looks a bit like the Pharoah dog) and Bailey (Boxer) and even Elvis agreed to join us - though he is a pitbull and he makes us all a little nervous, especially 'cos about 2 weeks ago he got into a fight with his foster brother, another pitbull, and they both ended up with stitches. Eek! Elvis's Mom Priscilla often jokes that me and Elvis are going to hit the road together (you know Axel Rose and Elvis?).

Mom was off to work when Dad and I came home - I always get excited to see her no matter how little time has passed since I last saw her, and I jumped up to say goodbye, muddying her jeans! Uh oh. Mom declared that I needed a bath after my fun romp with Swoop, Bailey and Elvis. I do look rather scruffy, but what am I, a poodle? No, I'm a terrier damn it, I'm supposed to be scruffy!

Last night, as I was sitting on my perch by the window, I spotted not one, but TWO cats accross the street. Well, I couldn't contain myself, I barked and barked till Dad tackled me and dropped the blind, almost guillotining me! Mom was all pissed, cos I happened to bark during the last five minutes of The Apprentice, so she missed the firing squad showdown. How she can watch that man with the stupid orange wig is beyond me, I felt I was doing Mom and Dad a double service: protecting the house from feline invaders and preventing them from watching the orange-haired fool. Not that I got much appreciation for my efforts!

Speaking of cats, look at this funny picture of a cat getting a bath..heh heh, she doesn't look too happy!

Have a great weekend everyone!