Thursday, July 13, 2006

24/7 Itch

Boy am I itchy! It is driving me nuts! I can't take it!

Last night Mom came home with some foul smelling purple stuff that she tried to make me drink. I took one lick and ran in the opposite direction. Mom seemed genuinely surprised. Newsflash Mom: I may eat garbage, poop and other unmentionables, but that doesn't mean I like medicine! Got it?

Mom then got clever and mixed the Benadryl in some Cherry Garcia ice cream (which I love) and so I lapped up its cold creaminess - albeit tinged with vile grape medicine flavor.

After about an hour, man, I felt totally stoned. Like I'd smoked a huge joint or been at a bong for a bit too long. I stood on the couch and just stared into space - I was totally out of it. I can't say it was the greatest feeling - but it did take my mind off my itching limbs for a few hours.

But when it wore off, that evil itch came back with renewed vigor and I was forced to bite myself all over again until I had big red welts on my legs and inner thighs. Mom kept trying to cover my limbs, but that didn't work, I just bit her by mistake instead. So that was short lived. Good try Mom.

Out of desperation Mom wrote to her very knowlegeable friends on the Fox Terrier Network email list. Boy there are some great humans in the FTN community, real foxie lovers and devotees. Of course we've met a few of the special people like Kathy and Melissa and Barb and their wiry charges - so the list is more than just a bunch of cyber connections. So Wanda on the list told Mom to bathe me in...Murphy's oil! Mom, being a non-American, had no idea what that was until she googled it. I had no clue either.

Together we clicked the link, and horrors - up came a bottle of furniture polish! So friends, that is what my future holds...a bath in furniture polish this evening. I'm hoping Mom forgets all about this as I really don't think I want to smell like a wooden table for the rest of my life! My dog park friends are going to turn away in disgust when they sniff me!

I'll keep you posted. Right now, I need to go scratch some more....this sucks!