Monday, November 07, 2005

Farewell to Rocky

Today we received the awful news that our dear friend Rocky (AKC "And the Rocket's Red Glare") has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

He was diagnosed with acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL). He was in Chattanooga for training and became ill. He would have been two on December 27.

Dad, Mom and me send Elinor, her husband and their surviving little schnauzer Rosie our very deepest sympathy on this tragic and untimely loss. It's so scary to think that we are all so mortal...

I'm sure Rocky had two wonderful years with his family and is happily at peace chasing squirrels and birds in the next world, while forever smiling down on his Mom, Dad and little sister.

Take care little Buddy!


Get Thee to the Bathtub!

Another great weekend is behind us! The weather was glorious and we had frequent frolicks in the park together - all the while off leash! Free!

It seems to me that there are a few too many hand stripping fraudsters out there. Remember my so-called stripping at the hands of Petsmart groomers a few weeks ago? Well, my hunch is that my good pal Kramer (left), had a similar experience, although he still looks better than I did! At least his body seems nice and trim, but the face? hmmm, don't look hand stripped to me, though he still looks cute. Compare him to my Canadian pal Master Colby (right) - now that is what I call a good hand stripping, he looks awesome! His Mom Wendy is one amazing stripper! (eek, that don't sound so good..)

Speaking of grooming, Mom and Dad forced me into the bathtub on Saturday. The plan was for Mom to bath me alone as Dad had to go out and work, but after chasing me around the bathroom for about 10 minutes (I can get under the clawfoot tub, Mom cannot, haha!), she admitted defeat and yelled for Dad (who was about out the door). When Dad opened the door, I thought I had my escape route all worked out, but instead I ran right into Dad's arms and those darn arms lifted me up and plonked me in the tub. I love water, but I don't like bathing, particularly when they put water and shampoo on my face. When the ordeal was over, I ran all over the house like a maniac and then settled under the bed. Mom was intent on blow drying me, so she literally lay on her back on the floor and pointed the blow dryer at me. She looked funny! I ran around for a while, but then I sort of started liking the warm air on my damp body, and I lay still while Mom dried me. Just don't point that noisy thing in my face...! I now look very fluffy...Dad keeps vowing to strip me, but all he's done up to now is pluck at me. Do I look like a dead chicken Dad?

I want to introduce a few more pals of mine. First, my very youngest pal, Sammy who belongs to Michelle and who is one lucky dude, as he lives in Mililani, Hawaii! He is just a very wee chap, barely 9 weeks old...boy is he a cutie. Wasn't so long ago that I looked a bit like him!

Then lets zoom around the world, all the way to Denmark and meet a sweet, furry gal called Aimee who belongs to Kitty (not a real Kitty thank God! Imagine being owned by a feline!).

And look at these siblings, Danny and Suzie having a wonderous time outdoors. Hey Danny (right) and Suzie (who belong to Joan), remind me, where do you guys live? Oh, Ohio!!!

And finally, a tale/tail of caution to all us terriers out there who love to chase after moving things! Spare a thought for Heidi (who looks to me like a Jack Russel) who was chasing birds along San Diego's Sunset Cliffs. "A bird flew over the cliffs and so did Heidi. She ended up on the rocks below. Local lifeguards launched a rescue operation using a crane. A rescuer was lowered to Heidi, then he hoisted the bewildered pup to safety. "
I can quite imagine any one of us wires or smoothies doing the same thing! So read up friends! Look before you leap/chase....