Friday, September 08, 2006

Ghost at the Art Museum

Every Friday Mom gets off work early, so we usually go on a longer and more adventurous walk. Today we went to the Art Museum so I could swim in the fountain again. But on the way there, at the foot of the famous Art Museum steps, there was...a black ghost, and many people had gathered to look at it. I couldn't figure out what it was or what it was doing there, but I heard the crowd whisper his name as "Rocky" and that he was the ghost of some movie of old about Boxers. I didn't know about Boxer movies, I'd only heard about Lassie collie movies and Asta-Thin-Man wire fox movies, but I guess Rocky is a film about Boxers. Boxers and a black ghost. I like Boxers, my good pal Bailey is one. I hope Mom decides to rent the movie, although I did hear her mutter under her breath that the ghost was not art, the movie was stupid and that she was hoping to get me near enough to it later so I could pee on it!! MOM!! I am too afraid to pee on a ghost!
Here are some photos of the ghost...scary stuff!

After a quick swim (and vomit - I ate a pretzel covered in plastic yesterday at the park when Mom had her head turned, and I upchucked it half way into the fountain...luckily not many people saw me...), we headed to the dog park. I didn't feel much like playing today, so I just sat on Mom's lap and watched the dogs at play.

I think Mom needs a haircut, don't you? She's starting to look like a redhead retriever.