Monday, November 14, 2005

Wild Weekend!

Whoa, did I have a busy and very cool weekend! Even the weather was perfect!

Yesterday Mom and Dad took me to play with my cousin Jakie, who is a bit of a clapped-out geriatric dog at about 10 years-old. He is a black lab/chow mix. He is one lucky dog, he has this humungous back yard! Unfortunately, being an old man, Jakie doesn't like to play with me very much which is a bummer, he even growled at me a few times after I jumped all over him, but I still had a grand time.

All the kids were also at Jakie's house, and boy they have a lot of toys! I was in heaven! I particularly like their barbie dolls and mermaid dolls cos they have long hair which is fun to chew. But everytime I succeeded in grabbing one, one of the kids or adults would chase me around the house and get it out my mouth! So I had to content myself to play with my frisbee and their big purple ball, together with my new pal Ashley:

During the day, the humans were hungry and decided to go off to McDonalds, but they were too nervy to leave me alone with Jakie, so I went along in the car. I was horrified when they all piled out and left me alone in the SUV! Luckily for me Mom felt worried and guilty leaving me alone while they all indulged in delish burgers and fries (and they should feel guilty!!), so after about 10 minutes she came out with a little box containing bits of burger and fries for me. Hmm, I like junk food!

So all in all, it was a great day at Jakie's house, but also quite tiring for a wee chap like me, so when we finally got home around 8:30PM, yours truly took to the couch. Miss Amelia, note the very gentleman like pose, my front legs so elegantly crossed:

Oh! Oh! I almost forgot to tell you what I did on Saturday! Mom took me to the dog run next door the Penitentiary which is always fun, but on Saturday we happened to arrive just in time for a birthday party for Ellie (not sure what breed she is - lab?) who was celebrating her first birthday! Boy it was great! Ellie's Mom gave us all gifts - a frisbee and a bag of treats, and all the guest both human and canine had a grand time! I played with Ellie and Henry, a 5-month old bull mastiff puppy who Mom got a bit too enthusiastic over for my liking! There was also a doberman, beagle, sheltie and many more. Ellie's Mom was a bit nuts and made poor Ellie wear a silly party hat. I did my best to help her remove it by biting the tinsel pom-pom!

Before I forget, I have two new friends to introduce! Both these Wires epitomize what active little delights we are! First up is Jazz (left) who is 14 months old. She sure is a lucky gal, she gets to go boating with her Mom Jan - just check her out in that cute life vest! Her Mom says "she’s also quite the character and has no fear of anything which is a mixed blessing sometimes." Pictured to the right of Jazz is Terry who has ambitions of being a Nascar driver by the look of this pose. I love the look in his eye, it's as if he's thinking, "Uh oh - caught in the act - guess I should have asked Mom if I could borrow the car!" Terry is 2 1/2 years-old and lives with his Mom Ellen in Maine.

Tomorrow Dad is starting a new job and he has to leave the house around 6a.m. so I am a bit worried about missing my early morning walk. Mom said she'd take me, but she's not as energetic as Dad is in the mornings - she is kind of lazy and prefers to sleep late! Now that Dad won't be home much, I'm feeling kinda sad, but I overheard Mom and Dad discussing interviewing a new dog walker for me. Yippee!