Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shore Bound, Hurrah!

Mom, Dad and me are off to the seaside this weekend, for a 5-day holiday! We are all terribly excited. We'd be beach bums for sure if we had half a chance and the necessary income.

Mom found a little beach cabin (pictured) to rent in a town in New Jersey, called Town Bank. It is only TWO blocks from the beach! It is in Cape May county, a few miles from the quaint town of Cape May. Mom heard that Town Bank is very dog friendly, and even had dog-friendly beaches! Did I mention that we are excited?

Because of my radical haircut, Mom bought me some sun block today just in case. I'm itchy enough thank you without getting sunstroke!

So you might not hear from me for a few days as I have to pack tomorrow (I have a lot of toys you know), and we're off on Saturday and return on Wednesday. So toodles for now! I see a lot of water in my immediate future, and that sends me into paroxyms of jubilation and glee!!!


PS To all the folks who tagged me, sorry I haven't gotten to it. I'm a busy chap.