Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Maggie the Magnificent

Now this is what I call a high class gal! Maggie was born in Tallin, Estonia on Feb. 22, 2004 and shlepped over to the USA by her breeder. She now resides with her mom Billie in Oklahoma City. Here she is posing for her portrait:

Maggie's favorite thing to do is to jump up in the air and have you catch her! She sure is a fine specimen of our breed and her stripping is impeccable. Mom is threatening to get me stripped before Grandma arrives - I do look rather scruffy, I have to admit, but the thought of having my hair ripped out is not very appealing.

And just to show you that Colby is not the only wire who enjoys throwing a bottle of soda around, here is a picture of me having a high ol' time with dad's empty Coke bottle:

It was so exhausting, that I soon fell asleep on my perch - the top of the couch - with my favorite toy Cow which was a gift to me from my favorite petsitter Rose!