Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

A big box arrived yesterday from Petsmart. I recognized the logo instantly and started to hop around the living room! Mom opened the box and out came a very strange looking yellow-tool like thing called a Furminator. It didn't look tasty or chewable. Mom ripped the package open and started to brush my back vigorously. I must admit, it felt really nice - like a massage - but I got scared when I saw my hair starting to pile up on the coffee table! When Mom was done (for now she says), a half hour later, this is what you could see:

In the picture on the left you can see the FURMINATOR - boy, can you believe all that hair, and to look at me after, I still look, well, a MESS!

I definitely need my face stripped - Mom is not brave enough to attempt that.

Anyway, just in case you were wondering if that was the only thing in the Petsmart box...NOPE, leave it to Mom, she found me ANOTHER great rubber toy!! I think it's called a "good buddy" and you get one with horns called a "bad buddy". It's hardier than Mr. Balloon (May his soul rest in peace), bounces like a rugby ball and also has a good squeak. Check it out - and that's me eyeing it in the background:

I want to wish a very happy, slightly belated birthday to my idol Colby Russel who turned 2 yesterday. If it wasn't for handsome Colby, I don't think Mom would have been so quick to get me. She fell in love with Colby's mug when she joined a Wire email list - and decided the time was right to find her a wire of her own. Three months later (it's not so easy to find a wire of my superlative breeding!), I came into their life. Pictured left is the handsome dude Colby and right is a picture of his brother Randy - they both live in Canada I believe. Someday I wish I grow up to look like Colby....Happy 2nd Birthday Guys! Save me a slice Randy!

Poor Dad is sick in bed and moaning and feeling very sorry for himself. He is coughing a lot so Mom grabbed her pillow and headed down to the livingroom couch to make a bed for the night. I am very torn now where to sleep. Dad may need me during the night being sick and all - but truthfully all that thrashing around and sputtering is not conducive to a good night's sleep. I guess to be fair to them, I'll either sleep on the landing where I can keep an eye on them both, or divide my time...