Monday, October 24, 2005

Groomer Bound

Oh joy! In a few minutes Dad is taking me to the groomers! I believe my favorite groomer Alex up and left Philadelphia for Mexico! So who knows who will be stripping me today - I just hope they know what they are doing! My coat is in a pretty bad state despite Mom and Dad's efforts to comb out the mats...I have a feeling it is not going to be a fun day!

Yesterday Grandma's photos arrived in the mail and there were many cute ones of me! Here is grandma taking me for a walk down our street, and me sitting on Mom's lap eating a delish cookie.

And here I am in the doggy park having a drink after an exhausting play session!

Guess what I did yesterday? I purposefully would not poop for Mom when she took me into the yard as I knew she would get impatient, and when she gets impatient, she opens the puppygate that blocks off this strip of yard that runs parellel to our neighbor's yard. The thing is they keep it closed off cos there are holes in the fence through which I can slip through! The neighbor Rex's yard is far more interesting than ours, it even has a pond! So as expected, the barrier was lifted in an effort to encourage me to poop over there, and before you could yell "pooch on the loose", I was through the fence and having a rocking good time in Rex's yard! Mom and Dad were hysterically calling for me to come back, but I just ignored them and pretended I was deaf. I stuck my front legs in the pond and ran around until Rex came out and caught me and sent me back over the fence! Darn it! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!!

Oh no, I can hear Dad coming up the stairs...I better log off - time to go get cleaned up! I'll post photos later of my grand new look.