Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's a White, White World

I woke up this morning and my entire world was white. Lots and lots of snow all over! I jumped right into it and didn't know what to do first - eat it? dig in it? roll in it? Just so many options! Mom was forced to trek through the 3 inch snow to the park 'cos I made Dad take me out at 2am (heh heh), so he insisted it was Mom's turn! Mom was huffing and puffing as we went up the Lemon Hill in the snow, where I met my pals Bailey, Saag and Elvis. It was such a blast in that thick snow but after 40 minutes, with icicles all over my legs, I was a bit cold so I jumped on Mom and told her it was time to go. She was only too delighted!

(I have purposefully omitted to relate my bad behaviour this morning when I ran across a road to greet my other pal Corona almost colliding with an oncoming car and giving Mom a heart attack...Sorry Mom, that white stuff just made me silly. Didn't I read somewhere that sniffing too much white stuff also makes some humans crazy and irresponsible? So, it's not really my fault, is it?)

Hey remember I introduced you Sparky the pup who was looking for a home? Well today I read about another terrier who has the nickname Sparky after biting through an electrical cable and surviving a 240 volt shock. WHOA! "Millie, a Patterdale Terrier, was thrown across the room and left with a hole in the roof of her blackened mouth after she bit through a fridge freezer cable." Silly Millie. Even I am not that stupid and with all Dad's electronic gadgets around, I have ample choice of electric wires to munch on...

I have new pals to introduce, the siblings Archie and Agatha, who live in Boston and love all the snow too. Agatha is the pup with the little dot on her forehead like an Indian princess. Their Mom's name is Diana and the brother and sister are giving her a few challenges with their sibling rivalry. I'm an only dog, so don't ask me what to do about it! I did like what Diana had to say about my blog - and I quote, "It's a Fox Terrier paradise."

I am still getting regular updates on the Wire rescue situation in Montreal. Wow, there are good people up there caring for those poor dogs. Nicole is one of them, and she was nice enough to send me some photographs of the dogs at the SPCA desperately hoping to find foster families. You can see the 11 photos in my online album, just click here.

Thankfully, all the older dogs have found foster homes so they can live out their remaining years in peace and love. But there are still about 25 dogs between 4 and 6 years old who need to find their foster families. In the meantime, all the kind and generous dog loving folks who Mom keeps in touch with are organizing to send the dogs cheery holiday gifts to brighten up their crates and provide them with some stimulation.

Plus, check out the cool Wiry Tshirt Mom bid on and won on Ebay yesterday! All money from this auction was donated to the Wires in Montreal. How cool is that! I can't wait for the shirt to arrive, then Mom and I will take a photo of me posing with her wearing it! And congrats too to Joan who bid on a cute Wire Terrier poncho! Big wiry hugs to Teresa for organizing this wonderful auction! $300 was raised from this fundraising effort!

In addition to the sad situation in Montreal, I just got another upsetting email from Mackie's Mom Melissa who asked me to post that a sweet 10 year old wire, who recently lost her elderly owner, is homeless in Charlotte, NC. If a foster home is not found for her, she will have to go to the pound on Friday! Is there anyone down there who could take in this dear bitch?

On a brighter note - my dog training was cancelled last night because of the snow! Yippee - dog training is tough, but I did miss the post training McDonald's fries!