Sunday, February 04, 2007

Enchanted Forest

Yesterday Mom had the brilliant idea of going for a hike despite the 26F temperature outside (for people in SA reading this blog - that is about minus 6C). Dad thought she was crazy but weirdly went along with it. We drove for quite a while until we came to Carpenters Forest in Mt. Airy. Mom and Dad had a hard time keeping up with me because they were wearing ten layers of clothing. I refuse to wear any clothing whatever the weather - I'm a tough guy!

So here we are, Dad and I (with Mom lagging behind as usual), entering the woods:

Doesn't my Dad look silly all hooded up?
Dad stops to read a sign welcoming us to the enchanted forest...

Next I came upon a very interesting looking log. Something smelled weird in there, so I had to check it out for a while:

Unfortunately, no snacks in there...

Suddenly I heard a noise. I looked up, and saw a family with their German Shephard approaching...

He seemed friendly - so I went up to say HI.

After only 30 minutes, Mom and Dad started to complain that they couldn't feel their own faces, so we headed back to the car. I put up a protest and refused to get in - I wasn't done yet exploring the woods - but as usual, I lost the battle and Dad picked me up and heaved me into the car.

This morning Mom slept late (for a change - boy does she like to sleep). When Dad and I get back from our early walk, I always run up the stairs with my after-walk cookie, jump on Mom and drop the cookie/chew/bone on her head! I think it's a grand ol' way to wake up, don't you?
Mom staggered downstairs in her long undies (which she stole from Dad after they shrunk in the wash) - I immediately jumped in her lap with my piggie chew and she assumed "the position" - which is, hold the chew FOR ME, so it's easier to chew!

Boy in the picture on the left, my head looks ten times bigger than Mom's. heh heh.

So that is my news for now. Mom just took me for a walk in the even colder than yesterday weather. She had had enough after 20 minutes of the cold wind numbing her face, when she started to drag me home...and along comes my hyper pal Dublin and Mom knew there was NO way I was leaving! She's a trooper - she unclipped my lead - and off we went, running in circles around the parks like happy lunatics.