Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow and Pizza

Well the snow arrived as promised but with it came sleet and rain and wind. And it wasn't enough to keep Mom from work - but she did get to go in late and come home early. It was so horrible out this morning - 3 inches of snow, lots of icy and cold rain, that I pooped right outside the house (as poor neighbor George was shovelling our sidewalk) and dragged Dad back inside (he was not upset!).

Here is me taking a leak in our back yard. The snow is so icy that my paws barely left any imprints. Man it's no fun balancing on 3 legs on ice taking a pee!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL MY GIRLFRIENDS! Especially the delightful Miss Amelia and wee Miss Koobuss. Mom and Dad exchanged chocolate gifts which pissed me off because I can't eat chocolate and I never got a thing (well I did eat a dingo, a pigsear and lots of Milkbones today). And instead of a romantic dinner out - they stayed in and ordered PIZZA. I got to share in that little feast...

Last night we watched the Westminister Dog Show and it was quite a snore. The winning terrier was called Harry and he was a Dandie Diamont Terrier. If you ask me he looked like a freakish daschund with a poof on his head, although he did look like he had oodles of personality and as they say, "personality can go a long way." {Source: Pulp Fiction} The winning dog was an English Springer Spaniel named James and he was rather breathtaking. I was just relieved neither of the poodles won - another ridiculous looking breed if you ask me - with pom poms on their bum! And they were male dogs! I don't know how they go around in public, I would rather die! It's a good thing I've never seen one groomed like that in the flesh, I would feel compelled to remove those pom-poms!

I forgot to tell you that I have a new passion for taking hot baths with Mom! I always accompany Mom in the bathroom when she bathes, but last week I decided instead of just snoozing on the bathmat, it might be nice to join Mom. So there she was, reading her book, when she got the surprise of her life - I jumped in! She let out a scream of shock and jumped out the bath - I suppose because she didn't want to share the warm water with a rather dirty dog. I just stood in the warm water, had a drink (tasted funny cos it had oil in it) and waded about. Mom was laughing her head off and thought well, while Ax is in the bath, I might as well shampoo him. So she did, and I didn't mind. I was enjoying the warm water. When she was done, I jumped out and ran up and down the passage like a loony. Mom towel dried me and then I dived onto Mom and Dad's bed and mom blowdried me. I love that machine. I was almost dry when I thought, wouldn't it be fun to have another swim, so I jumped off the bed and back into the tub! Mom screamed and Dad came running! Dad wasn't so amused, but Mom was. I dived out again and ran up and down and back on the damp bed -- and then....uh oh...I peed! Drinking warm water does that to me...Mom knew but there was no time to let me out...she was about to when I jumped back in the tub!

So tonite, when Mom was in the bath, I snuck in and tried to join her again. Dad would have none of it...after snapping these pictures - I was forcibly removed from the bathroom. Humpff!