Friday, December 23, 2005

POP Goes the Weasel!

Mom came home yesterday evening carrying that mysterious box that the mailman had tried to deliver! And in the mailbox, was another package that I just knew was for me too! I was dizzy with excitement.

In the first package was a red fleece coat. Hmm, a tad disappointing (you can't exactly eat a coat!) - but the SitStay company did include a few treats in the package - greenies! Mom insisted on getting me into my coat right away for a photo op. The coat fit really well and it sure was warm and cozy. I ran around in it, posed for a photo and then began to feel hot!

What I really wanted to know was what was in the box! Eventually with my patience wearing thin, Mom tore it open and inside was my weasel ball! Dad had to open the ball with a screwdriver to insert something called a battery, and then the fun began! The weasel was alive! It darted around the room, it rolled all over and I ran after it. I took it in my mouth and shook it all over the place. But it would not die. Everytime I threw it down to kill it, it came alive and took off! Man it was fun! After half an hour I was pretty exhausted so Mom told me the weasel had to take a nap! He came out again a bit later when I started barking and Mom and Dad needed to distract me!

I received this amazing Chanukah greeting from my pals Agatha and Archie in front of their menorah. Boy, they look positively possessed with the holiday spirit!

I also wanted to share pictures of my friends Kodi and Maddie (left) who also sent their holiday greetings - though they don't look particularly festive - they were more concerned with the neighborhood cat whom I'm told they were staring after in the photo...Mom nearly fainted when she saw Kodi (standing), she thinks we look pretty alike. And on the right is dear Luci who I hope to meet very soon as we not only live in the same state, but a short drive away. Mom and Luci's parents Kathy and Ed met at the Montgo Terrier Show and became firm friends! In the photo Luci is anxiously awaiting Christmas... bet she's going to get a lot of presents 'cos she too is an only child like me!

Chanukah begins on Sunday night, and I am very excited to see the menorah and sing Chanukah songs with Mom and Dad (and hopefully eat latkes). And Mom and Dad don't have work on Monday, so we all get to hang out together! I think I may take a break from blogging until Tuesday unless something very exciting occurs that I feel compelled to share with you all.

To all my Jewish and Christian and Aethiest/Agnostic friends -- I wish you all a very happy and healthy Chanukah/Christmas/Some-sort-of-holiday!